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  1. Why cant we have them? Even in a subforum.
    For example the KK thread brought so many viewers and it doesn't hurt anyone
  2. They limit threads, imagine if we had a Punk one then 3 things are posted about him in a day, that's three threads we've lost and you'd have to wade through all the other posts just to find the thread you wanted.
  3. But stuff like pics,videos,tweets etc? I mean when you google Wade barret, Wikipedia and wade barret.com shows up but then there are forums . Like the KK
  4. Having a thread for all discussions of one wrestler just limits other threads being made, plus the threads tend to be either a massive circle jerk or argument.

    Also, the only reason why the Kelly Kelly thread was so popular was because of all the shenanigans that happened in the thread. No actual discussion on Kelly Kelly, just the berating of BLFFL. Not very quality imo.
  5. K2 had her own thread because BLFFL posted the most pointless shit in a new thread (a picture she tweeted, a tweet etc.)

    People don't want to read through threads to find post to reply to, they want them in new threads. That's why.
  6. Automated message: Suggestion has been denied.
  7. Been answered, also I love the denied button :gusta:
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