Superstar Returns In SmackDown Dark Match

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Dark match.. :upset:
  2. Hmmm.. So maybe he'll have some TV time next Monday?
  3. Two things I don't like

    1. Dark match? Sucks a bit but ok get the ring rust off.

    2. Zack wtf? What are they doing with him atm?
  4. Let the vignettes run for a while yet, an interesting thought I had was him attacking Brock during his match with Trips, this turns Brock face and sets up Barrett Vs Brock at WM. Wade would want to prove he still has that knockout power and could brawl with the best, Brock being a former UFC champ fits that mold like a champ. If wishes were fishes, eh?
  5. Great idea but to slow a burner i feel for the current WWE product would love this though!
  6. It's just to get some ring rust off and prepare for his return. I agree, let those vignettes run, they're awesome.

    As for Wade vs Brock, Brock is getting monster heat atm I'm sure it'd turn Wade face.

  7. dont worry he will be back on tv soon! :yay:
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