Superstar wants out of the HOF

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 6, 2013.

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    It was about Abdullah the whole time?
  2. Superstar Billy Graham ftw. The Butcher isn't HOF worthy to begin with, but this shit is fucked up.
  3. A BUTCHER SHOULD NOT BE IN THE WWE HOF! HE CUT PEOPLE FOR NO REASON! I don't blame Superstar Billy Graham for wanting out. But I don't think it going to have been. Inless he lawsuit it which I think will be a waste of time.
  4. This is disturbing.
  5. Thats just insane what the hell.
  6. :harvey:
  7. Keep the Butcher, remove Graham, induct Benoit
  8. That will never happen dude.
  9. I'm on it.
  10. Heard a lot about this before, I knew he wanted out because of the Butcher, there was no other reason, really. Indeed, it's possible that Abdullah caused Hannibal to contract Hep C, sad.
  11. :jeritroll:
  12. :dafuq:
  13. Read this like 2 years ago.
  14. This is almost too fictional even for the world of pro wrestling, infecting someone with a disease as potentially deadly as Hep C is just the stuff of horror movies.

  15. Cuttin fools like Sweeney Todd
  16. BTW if you guys want more watch the "Don't Bleed on me" Documentary. It's on youtube.
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