Superstar you hate, who everybody else likes.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Liquid7778, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. I've never really liked Bret Hart, I just can't bring myself to be entertained by any of his matches.
  2. I honestly don't care for Bret Hart either.
  3. Cm Punk.
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  4. Bret Hart, agreed. In his prime, yea he was pretty entertaining but I completely dread when he shows up now.
    Others: Ummm... Oh I got one. Christian, as a face at least. Boring as hell, all his returns are anti-climatic. As a heel, he's really great.
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  5. I have never actually seen Christian as a heel. Wasn't that back in the 90's when him and Edge were in all those TLC matches?
  6. There was that, but also his run in TNA as Christian Cage was beautiful. He was heel in 2011(?) I think in WWE. Had some funny as hell promos and decent matches. Only tolerable for me when he's heel.
  7. Dang, I had no clue
  8. Check em out. Did you just start watching recently or used to watch and just got back into it?
  9. I'm really an on and off guy. I got into it the day after Edge and Cena had that match in Unforgiven in 2006. From that point on, it was like an obsession, I studied the fuck out of everything wwe/wwf. I stopped in 2009 right around when JBL owned HBK or something. From late 2012 to now, I've been watching. It used to hold my interest like crazy, but now I just watch it to see what happens and what not
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  10. Gotcha, yea unfortunately wrestling is like a drug for me and after 10 years of watching non stop I don't think there's a time I could just stop hahah. Things do seem to be getting better in WWE though, i've been saying that all year but I feel like things can only go up from here. Keep watching. Don't want to get too off-topic here though.
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  11. Not that I particularity hate them, but when a collective amount of people preach that a certain wrestler is gonna be the future and next top guy I tend to get turned off to them. Like the mass amounts of Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler worshiping in 2011, or the Ted Dibiase Jr. worshiping in 2009.

    Show Spoiler
    or the Big E Langston and Roman Reigns worshiping that's beginning now
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  12. Not that I HATE him, but I really don't see the hype surrounding Cody Rhodes. Just not into him really.
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  13. Dean Ambrose. Yeah, he was good in the indies. Tell me how that's relevant again? He hasn't done a single noteworthy thing in his entire time in WWE. His singles matches have sucked, his promos have been rather meh, he's just overrated. I'm sorry. I don't care about what he did in the indie scene while he was blading for chump change. Show me something good he's done on his own while on the main roster and maybe my attitude towards him will soften, but if he carries on this way after the Shield splits he'll be a lower card thow-away in a matter of months.
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  14. Was actually gonna mention him, I mean he's not bad, but slightly overrated.
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  15. I'm not that much of a Daniel Bryan fan, he's good in the ring and all, but his character is lackluster, as are his promos.
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  16. The same way having good experience from past events is relevant to any future events in life?
  17. Ambrose wasn't that different in the indies bar he got a slight bit better in the ring. He's always been at best an average worker with repetitive delivery style and mannerisms despite being excellent at them. As for the OP heel Henry for the most part. Oh you're growling yawn oh you're shouting yawn oh you're trying to wre....zzzzzzz.
  18. I don't get the love for Drew McIntyre. Guy seems lazy to me.
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  19. Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston are two people that come to mind. I can't say I 'hate' either of them, but I don't quite understand the hype.

    I think people are seriously jumping the gun with calling Cody Rhodes the "Breakout star of 2014." He's gonna need a personality transplant before that likely has even the slightest chance of happening. Right now, he's just a dude using his real name and nothing else. Saying he's a Rhode and wants to achieve the same great success (or higher) as his father did isn't really what I'd call a captivating personality... unless generic and boring guys in the main event is your thing, of course.

    People kept clamoring for the longest time to see Kofi finally get pushed to the level of World Heavyweight Champion (back when the WHC was still around), and I just never got it. He just seems like the typical midcard act who you can count on to have fast and exciting matches (as evidenced by him being given the midcard belts on occasion, just like Christian who came before him), not someone who could carry the second tier division of the company for any sustained period of time.

    As far as names from the past go, definitely "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Could never stand him on the mic 99.9% of the time and it's hard to imagine that THIS was the guy drawing mega heat against Hulk Hogan in the 80's.
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