Superstar You Like, Who Everybody Else Hates?

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  1. Just thought of this idea from the other thread made not long ago, who is a superstar you enjoy but the majority of wrestling fans don't?

    I'd definitely go with Ryback and Fandango, I have no idea why I like them, but I prefer them over most of the roster. Not sure if Cena counts as he seems more liked now, but he's one too.
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  2. The closest person I can think of that meets this criteria is also Ryback, back when he was feuding with Cena anyway. He was showing a lot of improvement. I really had high hopes for the guy. Then he kind of flopped and now I don't really care about him anymore. :/
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  3. Pretty much how I feel, I was really behind him this year, then they dropped the ball with him.
  4. I actually REALLY like Titus O'Neil in most matches he is in.
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  5. Randy Orton. :tough:
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  6. I'll have to go with Fandango, Yoshi Tatsu, Alberto Del Rio, and Hunico.
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  7. Definitely forgot about Del Rio, great worker.
  8. Del Rio or Cena
  9. booooooooooooo

    for me:

    Del Rio or Kevin Nash
  10. John Cena, Jinder Mahal and Jack Swagger
  11. Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Randy Orton. :gary:
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  12. A very small % of dumbasses hate Hogan. He doesn't qualify for this IMO
  13. Depends where you look on the internet. Cena and Orton are definitely more disliked, no doubt, but Hogan hate is still pretty common on various forums.
  14. I just think Hogan haters are an especially vocal minority. Cena is similar but probably closer to being hated by more people.
  15. Del Rio and Swagger.
  16. Axel and Ryback
  17. Ryback. FEED ME MORE! :happy:
  18. John Cena.. I didn't know fandango was hated, but I like him too
  19. john cena
    zack ryder
    jack swagger
    curtis axel
    thats all I can think of right now
  20. Curtis Axel, Kevin Nash
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