Superstars and Divas visit the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

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  1. Superstars and Divas visit the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA


    World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Hornswoggle, Eve and Alicia Fox toured the state-of-the-art facility, which focuses on pediatric research, teaching and care. They visited the young patients and their families at the hospital, which is part of the new Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center.

    The Celtic Warrior received many smiles on Thursday as he passed out his Mattel Brawlin’ Buddies to the kids at the hospital.

    Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA’s mission “is to provide state-of-the art treatment for children in a compassionate atmosphere, as well as conduct research that improves the understanding and treatment of pediatric diseases and to train the next generation of leaders in pediatrics.”

    See photos on Facebook.

    For more information about Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, visit

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  2. Go away Sheamus
  3. Eve was there, that would make my day!
  4. I'd shit my pants in fear if I woke up in a hospital bed with Sheamus next to me.
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  5. I'd be more scared of the midget at the end of my bed, I've seen the leprechaun movies, I know what shit they get up to.
  6. Wow Sheamus getting the main abuse in a photo involving Hornswoggle, he really is despised by the IWC!
  7. Watch out kid, Sheamus might steal your dad's car.
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