Superstars and Divas visit the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

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  1. Superstars and Divas visit the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA


    “Today we had the opportunity to go around and meet a lot of the kids here in the hospital. We got to talk with them and get to know them a little bit better,” World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus told

    In addition to touring the state-of-the-art facility, part of the new Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center that focuses on pediatric research, teaching and care, The Great White, Hornswoggle, Eve and Alicia Fox spent time with the young patients and their families at the hospital.

    “We are visiting some of the children and just trying to distract them from their daily routine and show them some love,” Alicia Fox explained of their visit.

    The World Heavyweight Champion received many smiles on Thursday as he passed out a very welcomed gift to the kids at the hospital.

    “We've been handing out Mattel’s Brawlin’ Buddies to them,” The Great White said. “It's been great; I got to meet a lot of positive and brave kids. It's been an absolute honor and pleasure.“

    Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA’s mission “is to provide state-of-the art treatment for children in a compassionate atmosphere, as well as conduct research that improves the understanding and treatment of pediatric diseases and to train the next generation of leaders in pediatrics.”

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