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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RavenX, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. Hello all - first post here..... Just wondering if anyone is up for some regular discussion about the Superstars and Main Event TV shows, as in most forums I have been looking at, people are only interested in RAW/SD/PPV's
  2. Does anything interesting ever happen on these shows? I thought not.
    Welcome btw.
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  3. Nah, I don't think anyone here watches Superstars and ME regularly.

    But welcome to WWEF, though.
  4. I don't watch Superstars but I do watch Main Event, mainly because during random episodes they will actually have a pretty damn good match on there. We'd probably need about 5 people if we REALLY wanted to do a discussion for ME but I have a feeling we'd have more luck with SmackDown live discussions than a ME discussion :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Welcome to WWEF.
  5. I remember watching Superstars. Tyson Kidd having various random managers, Trent and Curt Hawkins having a mini feud, Chris Masters tearing it up every week. And that day DB wrestled Regal in England, oh boy, was I excited. Those days are sadly gone though
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  6. WWE Main Event 04/07/2015 - may contain spoilers

    Fandango vs R-Truth - Average match - nothing special - Fandango wins with a quick roll up.

    Summer Rae vs Emma - A decent outing for the two blonde divas - Emma, IMO has the better skill set although I do like Summer's double chicken wing submision hold using those lovely long legs. Summer wins with a modified scorpion-death-drop ...nice.

    Heath Slater vs Mark Henry - Henry wins a squash match - worth it just to shut up Slaters pre-match rantings - Good interplay betwen Henry and JBL after the match.

    Jack Swagger vs Miz - Two former Champs against each other on ME - Damian Sandow comes out to annoy Miz duiring the match - between the interuptions the match is decent - Swagger wins via the Patriot Lock - is the Miz/Sandow fued to be continued on Main Event/SuperStars?????

    Show Rating 6/10
  7. Damn that Regal vs Bryan match was a treat, also Kidd was having great matches with Tatsu, Hunico, Trent on there. Then they started to show raw recaps on there and it went to fuck. :sad:
  8. Superstars is my favorite wrestling TV show! Welcome to the site.
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  9. MAIN EVENT >>> BRO!!!
  10. Those were the days. Some great undercard talent. It was a fun show.
  11. SUPER F'N STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!!!!!(6($9$47)[email protected])
  12. Superstars has the word super, like superman. It has to be the best show.
  13. I hear they've been pulling 1,000,000s to their show! And some 85 Million Viewers on the WWE Network! They're defo not going out of buildness!
  14. I checked out the episode where they had Lucha Dragons vs Cesaro and Kidd
  15. Thought I'd post something as I've been away for a while:-

    Superstars 26/06/2015

    Lucha Dragons v Heath Slater / Bo Dallas - A good match from the LD's - not quite so good from Slater/Dallas who came of looking like jobbers - both these men have the skill sets to be better than this.

    Cesaro v Luke Harper - Very solid outing from both men (given the constraints of it being a Superstars match) - Cesaro got in some good aerial offence and Harper even pulled a huracanrana out of his bag of tricks - was picking Harper for the win when he set up the discus clothesline.

    RAW recap - Heyman was great on the mic for the 'Apology' promo - Cena / Owens was enjoyable with the foreign language bits - Roman/Wyatt was short and dull - some good action in the Lesnar beat down by the Authority - Brock's apology to Cole was GOLD!!!

    Overall, an enjoyable epiosode.
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