News Superstars comment on Axel using Twittah

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, May 21, 2013.

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  1. :yay: I hope they don't bury him after a couple of weeks.
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  2. Glad they support him. He'll definitely be a success, the guy has all the tools.
  3. I'm cautiously optimistic that WWE will properly book him. Heyman will probably get say in how he is booked which is a huge boost for the guy's career
  4. The guys great, I've seen him wrestle on NXT before and he was a delight to watch.

    Not getting to excited yet though, this is WWE after all....
  5. I wonder if Heyman had any input or say into who this third client of his got to be on-screen based on who Heyman might have seen potential in. It was once said that Heyman told WWE to bring up John Cena to the main roster before other various WWE officials felt he was ready because Heyman could see that he had the potential to be a huge star of the future. Looking back on it now, Heyman saw something in Cena long before anyone else did. It's no wonder, people have always said that Heyman's eye for talent is on par with Vince's. Look at those who passed through ECW and then ended up becoming a huge star later on in WWF/E... Steve Austin being the biggest example. Heyman saw something in him in WCW as well as ECW and Vince didn't even believe in the guy when he first came to WWF. But he ended up becoming one of the biggest stars of all time.

    So, I'm quite optimistic about Curt's future if Heyman had any say in who this third client was. Considering the bloodline he comes from, you'd assume he was talented anyway, but there's also quite a few offspring of good/great people (wrestling and otherwise) who don't live up to the standards of their parent(s), so you never can tell just based on that.
  6. Glad to see so much young talented wrestlers are getting pushes this year :obama: Shield, Big E, and now even Curtis. Not bad at all, I hope WWE continues to mold more future stars, and push young talent of today.
  7. While it is well documented that Perfect Jr. is well liked by guys like HHH/Rock, I definitely have to think Heyman had some say in the selection.
  8. Bork is also a major fan of him apparently.
  9. I agree with them for sure. Will miss his NXT matches vs Kidd though.
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