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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. As many of you may know, commentary for the past few years have been terrible. And I mean terrible. So why is it, that Superstars can come out and do commentary and become automatically 50 times more enjoyable than the actual commentators?
    The superstars come out to commentary and make good points, references from the past or present, put over both stars and shed some light on the feuds going on, rather than the usual commentators who will plug in Twitter trends, other matches which aren't relevant to the match going on or how their GF is there phones background.

    JR is one individual who should be excluded from the Jerry Lawler's and Michael Cole's. You might be wondering why I have not mentioned JBL yet?
    He's technically a Superstar to Commentator. You can say the same about Jerry Lawler, but his jokes are out dated just like his heart.

    Anyways, here are some examples of regular commentary compared to when a superstar is doing commentary.


    Regular Commentators

  2. Most likely because the art of being a commentator is getting lost. The point of being a commentator is to help carry the story, to paint the picture for the fans at home and help out guys who are fresh and who might not be that good at telling a story in the ring. Once these guys get good then the commentary just becomes a regular enhancer.

    But yeah, the wrestlers know they have to advance their feuds, the commentary just sits there and listens to what Vince wants to say.
  3. This goes for TNA as well or most Wrasslin companies.
  4. Well, part of it is not their fault, they're told to plug in Twitter stuff and talk about other matches mostly because the chance of them being calling a crap filler match that has nothing important about it is big (why talk about some random mixed tag match for example when they can hype the main event or bring up the big storyline?).
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