Superstars Feel the BANG! of DDP Yoga

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  1. Superstars Feel the BANG! of DDP Yoga


    One of the program’s most impressive success stories, featured on “Good Morning America” in 2012, has been Gulf War veteran Arthur Boorman. Years of service in Iraq had taken its toll on the former paratrooper, who was told he would never walk without assistance after injuring his knees and subsequently gaining significant weight. In fact, Boorman struggled for 15 years until he discovered DDP Yoga. After 10 months of the intense routine, the Gulf War veteran lost 140 pounds, and he can now walk and run under his own power.

    Boorman is just one of countless individuals who have benefited from DDP Yoga. Everyone, from professional football players to MMA fighters to everyday people, has employed the program as part of their daily fitness routines. Five WWE Superstars – Zack Ryder, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Santino Marella and Chris Jericho – have also adopted Page’s program, to aid their performance in the ring and improve their overall quality of life. Each of them touted the revolutionary program and described how they implement it into their lives.

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