Spoiler Superstars react to WWE title match

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  2. *john cena cries*
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I CAME! :fap: :gusta:

  5. on my face :please:
  6. LMAO!
  7. Big Show's acting skills are underrated. He looked legitimately upset.
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  8. So glad he now has an impact finisher which looks badass as fuck.
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  9. Share with me :sad:
  10. I thought I recognized that kick from somewhere last night. I looked it up and it is Bryan's old rival KENTA's Buizakou running kick finisher.

    Nice to see Bryan pay homage to guys who helped define him :happy1:
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  11. Does CM Punk use the GTS to pay homage to KENTA or does he just use the finisher?(He has given KENTA credit)
  12. Punk has never interacted with Kenta from what I know. My guess he just adopted the finisher from him because he liked it. I don't see KENTA giving him personal permission, at least I cannot find any info on it. Bryan and KENTA are friends so there that is more likely.
  13. It's not that he just still thinks pro wrestling is a legitimate sport.