Superstars Review 2/16/11

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. I'll start doing this every week if it's OK. It's WWE's best show, as in all honesty the people on this show are more interesting and entertaining than people on the regular shows, and I'm sure some of you wonder if there's anything interesting on Superstars.

    Match 1: Aksana vs. Maxine

    Promo plays from NXT showing some backstory to this match. I haven't seen either of these two in action, heard about how awful Maxine is, and Aksana can't be very good considering she has barely touched a ring. Safe to say expectations are very low. The match got a little under 10 minutes, and was very good by the incredibly low standards of the Divas' division. Aksana is surprisingly competent and has a pretty nice power moveset, and won with a double-armed spinebuster.

    By the glory of God! A replay of ALL 20 MINUTES of :shovel: on Raw! Thank goodness Superstars is online now, I thoroughly enjoyed taking 20 seconds of skipping over this crap.

    Match 2: Mason Ryan vs. Jack Swagger.
    We return to the ring to the United States Champion getting a jobber entrance on Superstars. :facepalm: They stared each other down and you got a real feel for how big Swagger is, they looked to be about the same size. Still, Mason Ryan is a student of the Big Show School of No-Selling, so they had a typical big-man/little man match. Swagger didn't get much effective offense in other than chop blocks and double-armed clotheslines. He went over the top rope in an innovative way to reverse the Full Nelson Slam, then jumped back into the ring to chop-block Ryan and get the submission victory via Ankle-Lock in roughly 6 minutes.

    Video package hyping Cena and Kane at EC.

    Main Event: Epico and Primo vs. Alex Riley and Santino Marella
    I wish this could be a full-blown feud, a match with Santino brought out some personality out of the tag champs. Epico was kinda playing along with Santino's schtick, and Primo was a no-nonsense badass, even ripping off the Cobra arm and stomping on it repeatedly. The match itself was kinda entertaining, the tag champs have nice chemistry together, but Santino has a very, very small moveset and spent most of the match trying to trip people, and Riley was in the ring for less than a minute and there to eat the pin. :angry: Match went about 8 minutes, Epico got the pin with the Backstabber.

    Overall, there was about 26 minutes of wrestling on this show (perhaps more than Raw), but on a 58-minute webcast that's not very good. At least we had the skip function for the non-stop self-promotion and :shovel:. None of the matches were particularly bad, but I wouldn't go out of your way to turn this one on. I'll see you guys in the rest of the forum.
  2. US Champion...
    ...on Superstars...


    ..jobber entrances..


    "Hmmm... I can't figure out why our mid card belts are viewed as being less prestigious than in previous eras???"- Vincent Kennedy McMahon
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