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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Legend Viper Randy Orton, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. How about a Forum for Pics of Superstars,
    A Gallery of superstars outside and Inside WWE.
  2. I like the idea of an image gallary. We could put latest RAW, SmackDown and PPV pics in there etc. Not sure if MyBB has a gallary plugin, I'll have a look. Good suggestion.

    Hi, I'm Crayo and I can't spell gallery.
  3. Yes Mybb Might not be having a Gallery Mod.You should request it on Mybb Mod Sites.
  4. I've seen some sites using MyBB that have them, so I'll speak to the owners and see. Pretty sure MyBB has had one before, so there should be one somewhere. I'll ask Solidus.
  5. Isn't there one called zenphoto for my bb? Or am I thinking of something else completely.
  6. No idea, Xanth has found one and is installing it. Dunno what it will look like, so let's cross our fingers. If it suits the site and performs it's purpose as a gallary, it will be used.
  7. *Fingers Crossed*
  8. You can create a gallery section with Xthreads, and customize it to display weight, height, belts ect.. or you can bridge Coppermine with MyBB. I'll help if you need it.
  9. Not actually heard of Coppermine before? If it's decent that sounds quite good.

    Edit: Researched it, looks quite ugly in my opinion, but might serve it's purpose. I think it's quite a big plugin if we were to try and make it ourselves, it would take quite a lot of time and I think the work putting into it outweighs the pro's coming out of it.

    Still shocked there's not a gallery system for MyBB.
  10. Yes it's not the best, but the idea of bridging is that it inherits your forums' theme. Xthreads is easier though.
  11. Haven't heard of Xthreads before either, will need to research it. Got any examples of it used on any forums?
  12. Could anyone link me to a forum that uses a "gallery'
    Haven't understand what are you talking about exactly..

    That's the base of it, but you can do a lot more. It will work great for what you want with customization.
  14. I like XThreads, think I'll install that. It's a bit simple, like it looks like there isn't a simple way to make categories? Like "Outside of WWE" and "WWE" for example would be separate.
  15. Yes you can do that.
  16. Just seen that too, alight will install this hopefully soon. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. I support this @[Crayo], Xthreads sounds usefull.
  18. Will probably get to this when we execute the theme changes we're discussing. Not a major change, just a few tweaks to this current theme.
  19. You should make the theme more RAW-ish. Darker background and keep the red :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. All included in our tweaks already done. Just need to do a couple more things.