Superstars talk about CM Punk's actions on Raw

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Shut up Antonio you're the one ripping cobras :finger:
  2. Antonio is a srsly awesome guy.
  3. :hmm: Wonder if he's going into a face turn, or if Antonio is a tweener...that multi language thing he does, his voice sounds like a face, but during the match he looked like a heel. It's interesting.
  4. He's a heel, look at how he criticized the 'Mericans.
  5. United States Champion talks crap about Americans....seems Slash doing the Star Spangled Banner.
  6. Who care's about Antonio, this is about Punk! Once again, You guys let Antonio steal the spotlight. #respect
  7. :finger: Punk kicked Lawler, even I could do that.
  8. One thing I liked about Punk's tweet last night is that last week's Art of Wrestling podcast included talk of Andy Kaufman. (I'm pretty sure it was last week's anyway.) So when I saw his tweet last night, that was the first thing I thought of.
  9. If anything Antonio's character as champ will be a bit like early Kurt Angle. Believing himself a good guy that is setting a example.
  10. So annoying that theyre told to say these things
  11. Meh, just random kayfabe comments.
  12. Would've liked to see Cole's reaction: "OH MY..! loljk i hate jerry :cole: "
  14. Look's like WWE had it's daily Sit down, Tweet session.
  15. Cole needs to shut up or I'll come over there and kick him :finger:
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