Superstars Taping (no spoilers)

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Aug 13, 2012.

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  2. RE: Raw Superstars Taping (no spoilers)

    Drew and Riley should be a beast of a match. As should the tag match but I am wondering over the pairing of Gabriel and McGillicutty. He turned without my notice?
  3. Raw Superstars Taping (no spoilers)

    Interesting if they performed a heel turn without anybody noticing.
  4. Raw Superstars Taping (no spoilers)

    PWMania had a misprint, they fixed it. It's Johnny Curtis, not Justin Gabriel.
    That makes sense.
  5. Raw Superstars Taping (no spoilers)

    Then it makes much more sense. They also have some good chemistry as a team so I like seeing them perform.
  6. Raw Superstars Taping (no spoilers)

    Nice. cant watch until sept but saved.
  7. Superstars Taping (no spoilers) Change to PPV section plz

    Added the SD Taping match.
  8. Looks like a nice episode. The Usos always work very well as a tag team, and Hennig and Curtis have shown some good chemistry ine the last times they wrestled as a tag team. Riley beat Ziggler the other week on Raw, I'd like to see him beating Drew and going on to get some sort of push, and I'm sure the actual match will be good. I look forward to watching Sandow wrestle a long, singles match, and seeing Gabriel is always nice, I believe.
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