Superstars that i don't like.

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  1. -The Miz - OMG I LIKE HIM NOW
    -Daniel Bryan - OMG I LIKE HIM NOW
    -The Great Khali - Just a total fail, i don't even know why he's wrestling, go to Bollywood.
    -Jericho - OMG I LIKE HIM NOW
    -Evan Bourne - Drug-addict fool.

    Don't get butthurt if you see me rant about them.
    I'd put Ziggler in there but i'm starting to like him, he's atleast much better than those in the list and is the best seller in the WWE.

    NEW EDIT: Old list, personally Khali and Bourne are the only ones I hate right now, the others are loveable.
  2. Moving to General WWE.
  3. Jericho's gimmick is a fail?
    The Miz a future TNA Competitor?
  4. Why not? If someone wants to dispute your claims or become "butthurt" as you put it they can. You can't tell them how to respond ,it's the individuals choice.
  5. Please explain "future TNA competitor".
  6. -The Miz - Disagree no issues with Miz believe he could be way more than he is given time. Feel it's backstage politics harming his chances too! Reality tv biting him on the arse imo!
    -Daniel Bryan - Disagree amazing technical wrestler, entertaining good on the mic and managed to put on some good matches with Big Show which is no mean feat.
    -The Great Khali - Agree Just a total fail!
    -Jericho - Disagree love Jericho! Welcome to RAW IS JERICHO mark hard for those words!
    -Evan Bourne - Disagree again talented wrestler and imo lots of ppl make mistakes especially copin wit pressure in jobs I hope he sorts himself out!
  7. No idea why WWE would send a draw to TNA.
  8. Things are exactly what theeeey seeeeem...i will define the things yooooouu dreeeaaaam...gooo check the scores again.....i come out a perfect ten....they broke the mold when they made meeee..
  10. Lol @ hilary duff reference i remember that when i was little so lame :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. I like everyone on that list except Khali >.<

    Also, smoking weed doesn't make you a drug attic. Infact, it wasn't even real weed was it?
  12. Was fake weed both times.
  13. He got busted for spice the first time, the second I'm unsure on. Plus weed isn't addictive for most people I think.
  14. I heard it was fake weed both times seabs?
  15. I like most superstars just not khali and jinder mahal. They are annoying and need to get off television. Also I hate HHH and I dislike Evan Bourne for some reason ever since he came into WWE.
  16. You're probably right tbh. I just can't remember it :blush: .
  17. According to WWE,

    Evan Bourne's 2nd suspension is not related to the 1st.
  18. Yes it may only have been weed but you have to remember that the WWE has a huge audience of children! So I still get why the WWE suspend him to protect there image!

    I do like Evan Bourne though just thought I'd point the above out!
  19. Shouldn't they ban people for alcohol consumption then? Or smoking cigarettes? Plus how many kids are even aware why he was off TV?
  20. True I suppose but in the eyes of the government and many people they're legal which makes all the difference despite the fact they both probably kill alot more people a year than weed or certain other drugs!

    I'm just pointing it out from how I imagine the WWE see it!
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