Superstars who weren't supposed to make it

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  1. Superstars who weren't supposed to make it


    Some Superstars — those with the last names of Orton, Rhodes and DiBiase, for example — are born into squared circle greatness. Almost from the instant that the ink on their birth certificates dries, these second- and third-generation athletes seemed destined to compete in a WWE ring. They come from the stock of old-school grapplers, and they carry on the proud legacies of their fathers and grandfathers.

    Other athletes are pegged as Superstars-in-the-making while establishing their names in other forms of competition. These are the Mark Henrys, Brock Lesnars and Titus O’Neils of the world; naturals for athletic competition, all, and built perfectly for the rough-and-tumble world of sports-entertainment.

    Then there is another breed of WWE Superstar, altogether. These are the Superstars for whom WWE glory was anything but a given. For a variety of reasons — ranging from health setbacks to unfair stigmas — these Superstars were, at one point or another, cast aside and written off “unlikely.”

    Determined to prove themselves, these underdogs and overachievers refused to quit, no matter what the naysayers said. They all have unique stories, and the trajectories of their careers are far from ordinary. These are the Superstars who shouldn’t have made it. (VIDEO PLAYLIST)

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  2. So you're saying Titus O'Neil is getting a push?
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