Superstars you'd like to see turn heel/face

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. I'd want to see John Cena, Jerry Lawler, and Randy Orton as heel. Don't care about face.
  2. Cena, Sheamus, Punk
  3. FOR ONES I AGREE WITH YOU! But I would also add Sheamus in this to!
  4. Yes, Sheamus also. He was a boss when he first came to RAW.
  5. There aren't really any good heels in WWE right now other than Jericho. It's impossible to build a good heel character when they are partnered with the Be-A-Star Campaign.
  6. Yeah but this is just your wish thread kind of. Not asking who is gonna become the next heel/face, just asking who you'd like to see become heel/face. :otunga:
  7. fuck it ima throw some shit in the air

    Santino Heel

    Orton Heel

    Keep all teh faces right now
  8. Would be funny to see Santino heel. Was he heel when he was with Beth Phoenix?
  9. Who would carry the company as the superfaces if Orton, Sheamus and Cena all turn heel?

    I'd fire Lawler.
  10. Jericho and kane to turn face

    Cena to turn heel
  11. Yes.

    I'd like to see Orton and Cena as heels. Yes, it wouldn't happen, but it would be interesting. Nothing else comes to mind, but there are probably other people I'd turn.
  12. Riley turn heel
    Miz turn face
  13. LOL the eternal should turn heel discussion that haunts the IWC. This sums it all up nicely.
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  14. LOLOLOL nice one. Where do you find these, Stopspot?
  15. It's a wrestlingbased webcomic called Botched Spot. It is found on It releases new strips Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  16. Thanks, definitely bookmarking that.

    If they can Aries-turn Dolph, not really changing anything about him, just having him be a showoff because "that's what the fans want to see", that would be fine. Turn Daniel Bryan face, there's no reason to keep him heel.

    Keeping Punk face is fine. It worked before, but just let him do something interesting.

    But it's easier to build a main-event face if they have solid heels, so turn the Main Event Mafia (Cena, Sheamus, Orton, HHH) into a big heel stable, since all of them were better as heels anyway and they are even booked like heels now. You can even rip off the Main Event Mafia storyline from TNA, except have a good payoff with the heels getting heat, the young talent staying relevant, then eventually banding together to prove they are the future.
  17. CM Punk, Randy Orton, Natalya, Cena, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, and Kofi
  18. I'd like to see Santino, Punk, Cena, and Sheamus all heel.
  19. Who I'd like to see Face-Miz , Dolph and maybe Cody Rhobes.
    Who I'd like to see heel-Cena, Kofi, Orton, and Santino.
  20. Punk and Sheamus to turn heel,
    Miz to turn face I guess.
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