Suppose WWE was conditioning us for another boom

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  1. I'm speculating that by the time John Cena truly begins being phased out there won't be anyone adequately to replace him.
    Not unlike Sammartino and Hogan before him there was a dry spell as the newly anointed didn't 'quite' get it done.
    With HHH taking over a new philosophy is being bred behind the scenes. HHH surely recognizes his talent isn't full of Ortons and Batistas.
    Suppose WWE is heading in a downward spin, that Reigns isn't the anointed. Creative is bad almost by design at this point.
    If Wyatt continues his rise, organically, he may become what Austin became: the anti-hero nobody could've guessed would draw.

    With NXT strong and HHH recognizing the necessary change, we may see a boom period, particularly if Reigns becomes the failure I predict he'll be. The bubble gum stuff we see now will have to be phased out.
  2. WWE doesn't have the mindset to build another Austin Rocket for one reason. Wins and losses matter to fans. WWE doesn't think so.

    Imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin getting pinned every other night on tv. All his attitude and trash talking would have meant spit.

    He knew that protecting his character meant winning, and only putting someone over when it made sense, and there was money in it.

    These days the champion gets pinned on tv more than he wins. It's hard to really get behind a Wrestler unless he is also a winner.
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  3. I see WWW moving in the right direction with HHH. As all viewers of NXT will know it is by far the superior product with regards to feuds, builds, TV time etc... It also shows creative can do things right. So personally for me the future looks bright with HHH and could indeed be a boom. Plus Devitt, KENTA, Steen and Zayn.
  4. HAha, and you call me positive. :hmmm: Thats a pretty optimistic outlook right there in the OP lol.

    But I won't deny that NXT is MUCH more interesting lately than the main roster, and with all these new sign ons......yeah - something big will happen again. I expect another boom eventually.

    I still remember being a teenager and watching it almost religiously and then Stone Cold came around and it was EVERYWHERE all of a sudden. I remember the first time I finally saw someone wearing a SCSA shirt to school and thinking "I liked it WAY before you guys did" haha. I was never one to wear the t-shirts and stuff, but I loved watching it.
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  5. Holy shit I've never seen that movie
  6. I liked it.. Bas Rutten was funny as hell in it. It had some really funny moments.

    In response to the OP... they need to do something to light the fire in the WWE again.. and I do believe HHH knows what needs to be done. It's just a matter of convincing Vince to step back and giving Kevin Dunn the pink slip. Once those 2 things happen you will see a huge turnaround take place.
  7. HHH was a great wrestler, but introduced and set the standard for the longest, most boring in ring diatribes in the history of wrestling. H's WWE features them nightly now. They are practically the only way to open a show these days.

    My favorite Rock promo was his " I amah The Gameah, and for the next twenty minutesah, I'm going to be talkingah, and saying absolutely nothingah!"
  8. who put those ideas into your head

    HHH's promos are better than old lucky bollocks Johnny C. No friverlos or vacous lines, just does what it says on the tin.

    Listen to your heart lad, not others

  9. A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.
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    A boom period isn't something that can be created deliberately. You can craft interesting angles for people to get invested in and you can book the talent to the best of your ability to make them look like superstars (which means no more start-and-stop pushes... that means actually having faith in your talent and putting full effort into pushing them), but a number of tangible and intangible things have to fall right into place when it comes to creating a colossal boom in wrestling popularity.

    Will it ever happen again? In my opinion, yes. But probably not for awhile. Personally, I don't see this new era that we're embracing as the next boom period but rather more as the second coming of the New Generation era from the mid-90's. The characteristics of that era was that it was known as being more about the in-ring talent and less about the larger-than-life gimmicks and characters, hence why Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were the biggest stars to emerge from that period. And if you examine things, I think that's kind of the transition that we're making today - the most popular stars, for the most part, are the ones who don't have the greatest personalities but they get by more on being extraordinary athletes inside the squared circle: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Seth Rollins, possibly even Jack Swagger given recent events... And now you've got guys like Kenta and Devitt coming in as well, who from what I hear fit that bill perfectly as well.

    If the cycle is truly repeating itself (prosperous era with Hogan ------> not-so-prosperous era with Bret/Shawn ------> prosperous era again with Austin/Rock), then we may have a good 3-5 years at least before hitting another boom. I don't see Bray Wyatt as the man to instigate a change either. He's more of a special attraction type of superstar to me, much like the Undertaker and Kane were, and characters with enigmatic personas like these are never the top premier superstars. It seems the audience has cooled off on him as well for the time being (how much of this is due to the booking of the Cena feud is up for debate) since they no longer sing along with him anymore.
  11. Cena isn't pinned that often. Cena is the main cat. The main cat is protected. Besides, HHH has greater vision than the dude in charge at the moment.
    By no means, do I believe a boom would occur withing the next two years. There will be a a period, once Cena leaves, that nobody will be there to have adequately replaced him.
    WWE will head for a dark period before this boom package takes place. Bray Wyatt is only 27 years old, so he has time to hang around.
    If Wyatt is held back behind Reigns the way I believe he's heading the animosity may fester exactly the Austin's did. (Granted, Austin's situation was significantly different)
    HHH is not Vince, so the former may make moves the latter would be hesitant to make. We don't see Wyatt as the guy, but nobody predicted Austin would be either.

    I'm not predicting an Attitude Era, keep this in mind. A shift will be necessary and Vince's solution will no longer be working. We are being conditioned right now. In 4-5 years it may come out of nowhere.
  12. Are you kidding? Did you miss H's era on top? He blah blah blah'd the first half hour of every episode of Raw.

    Now, it's Cena, Rollins, Orton, or somebody doing the HHH to start the show.


    WWE got the "F" out, not the second "W".
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  13. I've got to admit Ambrose is looking like a great second fiddle, at this point.
    I figured he could either be a lead guy if WWEs mission statement was different
    He also 'seems' like a natural heel, but his face work is surprisingly effective as the Empire is currently constituted.
  14. i agree we should have more wresling

    orton is not given a chance to have 30 min classics

    but hhh and orton having the mic for a long time would be as sound as a 2 dollar pound
  15. Since you're stuck in a 2003 time warp, you're probably right
  16. wwe could learn a lot from 2003, everything was in place until they fucked up by pushing cena and batista

    shower of bastards
  17. It isn't like Orton had won the WHC by 2003, buddy.
  18. he was on his way

    hhh could have passed the torch

    rating records would follow if they would have done it properly, at the end of teh day
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