Surely not? Summerslam spoilers

Discussion in 'RAW' started by army_george, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. surely that wasnt the end for triple h right?
    great match but hardly one to end a career like his[/align]
  2. Surely not?

    Put spoiler on the topic, and no it's just going to be a rematch at Survivor Series
  3. Surely not?

    Might wanna put spoilers in title.
  4. I can't see him retiring at anything but Mania tbh, this is possibly the start of that arc for him however.
  5. Lesnar must be sticking around now.
  6. I hope not. I hope there will be a rematch.
  7. It was a weird ending... he acted like it was the biggest match of his career
  8. Definitely shouldn't be the ending to his career. Just not fitting having him end it by quitting. Should've ended with his last Taker match, tbh.
  9. Don't worry Triple H will still be burrying people way after we all die :bury:
  10. well i thought he was putting brock over so he could go on to taker at mania but he acted like it was the end for him
  11. I think it was because he asked for this match, it was personal because he messed with his family, and he broke his best friend's arm. This match was very personal to him, and he let everyone down, when he said he was going to win. To make it worse, he tapped out, which means he gave up. So he didn't just let everyone down, he basically quit on them.
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