Spoiler Surprise Name Announced for RAW 25th Anniversary

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Jan 10, 2018.

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    So guys, not sure how anyone will feel about this but on January 22nd for RAW's 25th Anniversary, someone by the name of Eric Bischoff will be making an appearance. This is according to PW Insider, multiple sources to confirm it as well so I would imagine this is legit and not just a rumor. What are your thoughts?
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  2. I'm back ack ack ack
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  3. I don't care...
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  4. The best Raw GM in history
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  5. Pfff are you forgetting...
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  6. It was funny in person, seeing the lights flash and hearing the crowd what at Michael Cole Bay Bay
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  7. I believe it's true, mainly because he was a former RAW GM and I'm pretty sure he was the longest GM ever? he has history with RAW so whyyy not.
  8. He did a table for 3 sometime back so I wouldn't be surprised. Cornette is another possibility too.
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  9. Not with Kevin Dunn calling the shots...

    Although I'm the one guy who wants Cornette
    to return to the WWE & manage The Revival.
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  10. Or bring someone good in....like Vince Russo.
  11. I...don't understand...
  12. [​IMG][
  13. Eric Bischoff? Yeah, I personally thought he was a good GM.
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  14. Definitely for the shock value
  15. Good?
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  16. meh. I don't like the guy personally. I think he was one of the reasons TNA failed
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  17. let me correct that. someone great like vince russo
  18. Sooo...Braun's next victim? maybe a Goldberg/Strowman tease? that leads to nothing? I wish Eric would have one last good run on Smackdown like with McMahon/Bryan thing going on? would add some intrigue as to who side he would be on and who would target him. Even short term Bischoff could have a lot of fun doing it
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