Surprise Return Advertised For WWE Raw This Monday

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Neptune, Dec 20, 2015.

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  1. "Seth Rollins is advertised to return at WWE Raw this Monday.

    The Target Center in Minneapolis, Minneasota has him featured as the main attraction alongside Roman Reigns. This could be an indication that the former Champion will be appearing, possibly to win a Slammy Award. He’s nominated in several categories for the awards, and it would represent his first appearance since going out injured.

    WWE’s website isn’t advertising Rollins, but that could be because they are keeping it as a surprise. John Cena and Brock Lesnar may also be surprises on the night, given that they are nominated in several categories and it is Lesnar’s hometown.

    If Rollins does return on Monday, it could be the start of his face turn. Presumably he’d want to address the new WWE Champion Roman Reigns, and it would help The Big Dog get over if he had Rollins’ blessing. That would of course anger Triple H, thus planting the seeds for babyface Rollins against his old master at some point in 2016. If he can recover from his knee injury in time, that match looks possible for SummerSlam.

    For now, Reigns has inherited the Rollins spot, and looks set to face The Game at either Royal Rumble or WrestleMania."

  2. :smirk2:Yeahhhhh!! Seth freaking rollins hope it's true
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  3. I was assuming he would come back sooner than expected but I would imagine it will be a while before he gets in the ring to wrestle again.
  4. Sheesh... Seth, Brock, the Slammies....Vince is gunning for one hell of a Raw this Monday!
  5. Yeah bro would been a great show for sure .. hope reigns won't ruin it
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  6. They should definitely do a Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns teaser. Especially for the Superstar of the Year award, they should have some tension between them whoever wins (which should be Rollins)
  7. Surprise/advertised.........

    Cool to see Seth on Raw. But anything advertised is not a surprise.
  8. I'm surprised to see him advertised :ambrose3:
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  9. :woohoo:

    Looking forward to it!
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  10. Willing to bet Cesaro makes an appearance as well, the Slammies are the best time to let those on reserve remind the crowd that they're coming back. Unless your name was Christian.
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  11. Oh derp I wasn't even thinking about this. Of course Seth will be there, probably for an award. lol
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  12. returns don't = ratings

    At least not in the long-term scope of things. An hour boost of the ratings? Sure. But not something that will carry over because no one is gonna show up next week hoping a guy with one-leg is going to show up. Let alone do it until the NFL season is over.
  13. He is aiming for a quick boost though. It is the slammies after all. They just better make use of what they do.
  14. Shit this is probably the only way I'd go see a WWE event, I should have paid attention earlier. I'd gladly drive the 90 miles to see Rollins ATM, try to get punched by Reigns, etc. etc.
  15. It would be the highlight of the year ay? Getting punched by Reigns. lol
  16. ME getting punched in the face by Reigns.
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  17. I can put on a vest and a wig and do it for you :happy:
  18. You got the wash off tattoo's from to really pull it off? You might even have to go blackface...but if those are met you bet!
  19. :hmm:
  20. looolz
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