Royal Rumble Surprise Returns

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  1. All rumors and logic aside, who would you like to see make a surprise return?
    I'd love to see Bubba Ray, Austin, Sting, and Goldberg. 2 of those 4 definitely won't happen though. :okay:

    Who's your picks?
  2. Oh, and X-Pac :please:
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  3. Play the Dudley's music....Spike comes out.
    With it being in Philly expect ECW vets galore.

    I'd be down for a Sabu return tbh
  4. I wouldn't be too into Sandman, but I feel like he'd be a likely return.
    Already said Bubba Ray a month ago, so I'll stick with him.
  5. Other than Bubba Ray & Devon, who I think they may as well appear... Well, I'd also like to see the folks you guys have mentioned.

    Kevin Nash, too. Pretty sure there are more people that I can't seem to recall at the moment.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Nash was in this year, but then at the same time he was in last years rumble.
  7. He got eliminated by Reigns last year, right? I don't think it'd stop them from doing the same thing this year.

    If Nash doesn't show up, then I hope Bubba Ray/Devon would, at least.

    But, we'll see what happens.
  8. Raven would be a cool one time thing I suppose, that seems pretty improbable though.
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  9. Yes, Raven! Thank you. I was gonna mention him, sure it'd be nice to see him back, even if it was a one time thing.
  10. Undertaker.. have him take out Kane and then somewhere in the 2 month RTWM have Kane bring back his masked persona and then have Kane vs Undertaker at WM31 in Taker's retirement match. Personally I think that would be the most fitting way for Taker to go out with all the history between them and them being "brothers" and everything, and it would pay homage to the Attitude Era.

    All this Sting/Taker talk is stupid to me because it makes no sense at all.

    I would also like to see Ric Flair enter just ahead of the Big Show so he can throw a few punches at him again before being promptly tossed over the top rope. Just for laughs.
  11. Gillberg to the Goldberg theme, Scott Halls son (too soon for Cody)....Probably honestly just Dudleys, Ryder (wont happen) Jericho (wont happen) and ADR.

    I intend on being mostly surprised on who shows up, but i'm expecting dogshit like Santino tbh.
  12. DDP, the Dudleyz, X-Pac, Rikishi, etc.

    Have the Dudleyz make their entrance back to back. Bubba-Ray runs out to a pop and starts getting into it with whoever is left in the ring. The timer counts down to the next number, and it's D-Von, who runs out and helps Bubba-Ray hit the Dudley Device on everyone still in the ring. And then, just to further showcase The Ascension's disrespect of veteran tag teams, Konnor and Vicktor run in (on their own accord, not as participants in the actual Rumble match) and annihilate both of the Dudleyz, allowing someone else to toss them out with ease afterwards. Philly won't like that one, and if we're lucky it may even set up an Ascension/Dudleyz match at Fast Lane.
  13. Rocky tweeted that he's in Philly.
  14. What @mh0707 said.

    Rock is in Philly, or at least was last night.
  15. Okada Kazuchika, obviously :emoji_wink:

    But seriously, very little would beat the Rock.
  16. The Rock coming in and not winning would be great, add in Bo Dallas, maybe even The Dudleys (hopefully to set up a Fast Lane match with The Ascension), Zack Ryder (but I think he's still injured), Y2J and another legend like DDP would be so fun. WrestleMania season is HERE!
  17. I really can't see The Rock being a surprise entrant unless he's agreed to work Wrestlemania and they're gonna jump-start a feud between him and Lesnar during the Rumble match (i.e. Brock loses the title, steals someone's number and enters the Rumble, dominates until The Rock comes out and eliminates him, then retaliates by F-5ing Rocky and costing him the match, etc.) Even then, I find it hard to believe they wouldn't promote THE ROCK being in the match just to add to the star power and unpredictability factor of who was winning (not to mention the extra Network subs.) I get the need for complete surprise moments sometimes, but...
  18. Oh I doubt the Rock would actually be in it, but it would be an awesome surprise if he was.
  19. Is The Rock vs Rusev still out of the question? Assuming Reigns won't be the 1 to beat him, Cena won't be (hopefully) and nobody else is most likely going to step up, can't we see Rusev take out The Rock as revenge for one of the incident during one of the 2014 RAWs? This could set up The Rock beating Rusev, who would still go over just being a threat to The Rock. Then again, The Rock would have to hold the US title which probably wouldn't be happening.
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