WrestleMania Surprising WM30 ME rumour

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Dec 27, 2013.

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  1. http://www.pwmania.com/wwes-current...we-returning-to-chicago-goldust#ixzz2ogCUJkPU

    What?! Bray main-eventing Mania?! That's insane. Right now that match probably wouldn't main event one of WWE's B PPVs.
  2. That won't happen.
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  3. What seabs said. This ain't happening. They will have to work a miracle to make Bray to that level.
  4. Can't see that happening, saying that. I wouldn't want Hogan main eventing WrestleMania either.
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  5. The simple thought of Hulk Hogan main eventing Wrestlemania XXX should die in a fire, jump out of that fire and into another fire, then stop, drop, roll off a cliff into a conveniently-placed field of spikes before an anvil falls on it.

    Yeah, got some Wile E Coyote stuff going on here, since whoever thinks this is a good idea has the same IQ
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  6. Bray is not in that league yet, he will but not this year
  7. Hulkamania runnin wild brother! :hogan:
  8. I imagine shit head smart marks complaining about Andre main eventing Mania 3 or something similar. I think the build and spectacle of Hogan outweighs how shitty the match would be.

    Assuming he got the back fat/stretch marks taken care of. That's no body for a Main event.
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  9. There would have to be a major job building starting at the RR and going straight into WM. It could be the main event 5 minute match, i could live with that.

    Seriously though, has everyone forgot how he walked to the ring in TNA? He looks like the tin man leaking oil more and more with every step. I'd mark for Hogan but not vs anyone important, he would just have to be there to put someone over and to make the crowd go fucking insane. I vote bring Nash back too, and have them face off...it'd be like a post show quality match for an already stacked WM.
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  10. Hogan vs Nash to relive the match they had on WCW, with the same ending
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  11. Seriously how many matches are planned for WM30? The pre-show will have to be an hour and will be awesome finally. There are SO many main eventers coming back, especially if you add HBK vs DB to the matches.
  12. I just want some Nash promos on my RAW on hogan and the other vanilla midgets. He could get heat like no ones business, while Hogan could do jack shit and shine like gold.
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  13. Bring back the nWo and let them have a match against The Shield
  14. lolnol. Shield breakup match should be happening at WM. I just want Kevin Nash vs Hogan....wasnt suggesting they put Hall back on the horse and bring back that whole crew...because you can't do nWo without the bad guy.
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  15. Too many. Less is more IMO. Ever watch mania 1 or 2? Its terrible because just try squeezing everyone onto the card and the result is a dozen 5 minute matches. This happens lately at Mania as well and only 1 or 2 matches wind up meaning a damn thing, and generally that is Cena and HHH which doesn't please anyone.
  16. My man Bray is about to hit the big time this match is gonna happen Vince has created this idea and you know what the boss says goes, Yesssss so happy for Bray. Lets go Bray!!!!! :yes:
  17. Apples to oranges. Hogan/Andre got a year of build and a great underdog story attached, plus Andre wasn't overexposed. The match had a story attached and Andre wasn't as useless in the ring as Hogan is now. (Wasn't he a little worse than the Big Show?) Plus they weren't starved for star power, Hogan was over like a million bucks, and the fans weren't so confused and were happy to see the story play out.

    As Aids said, it's fine to have Hogan at Wrestlemania for the spectacle. It's unique when it comes to that.
  18. I'm not complaining until it happens but if they squeeze 3 matches into the hour preshow, it will be alright. Seriously though, Lesnar, Undertaker, HHH, HBK, Batista, are almost 100% going to all be on the card, then you have DB Cena Wyatt, Shield fallout, Orton is champ still, and that doesnt include a single belt other than the unified title lol. I honestly am juiced, as this will be my first year really watching from Royal Rumble to the WM itself, last year I thought the build sucks and i watched WM after so i could skip through the bullshit, and I joined here right after WM the year before.

    I think it should be great, Heyman back on tv weekly will be great, and yes, i left Punks bullshit at WM out on purpose, how the fuck does pick him to win the rumble? He should be facing Kofi Kingston in the pre-show.
  19. Andre was certainly as useless if not more so than hogan now. Andre was good throughout the 70s but by the time he was slammed by Hogan he was almost Khali levels of immobile.
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  20. I really hope its DB and not Punk winning the Rumble. or Batista. or Nash.
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