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Survivor Series 2014

Jonathan, Nov 23, 2014

  1. Delik submitted a new betting event:

    Survivor Series 2014

    Place your wagers here...
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  2. Thanks for doing this, boss! It's appreciated.

    Is the Prediction contest coming, as well?
  3. All in on Authority. Probably not going to end up well
  4. Yeah, I'll be rooting for The Authority, but with rumors of Orton, Reigns and Sting being around the show, I had to bet some big cash on Team Cena, as well.
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  5. Oh, I was short on cash beforehand already so I just put everything on the Authority. It's probably not going to end well though because every time I've lost money betting here it was betting against Cena. I never learn, but hey. #TeamOptimism (@Crayo )
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  6. Here's to hoping it does end well.

    Even though I'm pulling for The Authority to win here, it's a win-win situation for me 'cause I placed bets on both teams.

    We'll see how this one goes.
  7. Yeah. To be honest, I could see it going either way. It feels to early for them to get rid of the Authority, but it also feels a little abrupt to do a firing angle with 4 guys simultaneously, plus there's the Cena factor. I'm a bit intrigued, actually.
  8. Yeah. There's no need to end The Authority now. They should/could end it at WM31, with a similar stipulation we've got right now.

    I'm interested in seeing how they'll end the ME, it should be real good. Even if Team Cena loses, there's no way of them getting fired, Vinnie Mac can just come back and say 'Your decision means squat, I'm reinstating these guys!'

    We'll see, though.
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  9. It's cool, I knew it, tho.:happy:

    Well, I actually got 10K now, so that's something, at least (I had 12K previously). I lost something, I won something, it's alright.
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  10. Well, I was talking about myself, actually. And how I lost the 100 bucks I had or whatever :lol1:
  11. Oh, I see... Well, you'll do better next time. :bodallas:
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  12. Some say #TeamOptimism is still trending.
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