Survivor Series Survivor Series card predictions

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CFCrusader, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. Basically just a thread to share your predictions for the card for the upcoming PPV, as well as any dream matches that you want to happen.

    My card:
    Randy Orton (c) vs Big Show - WWE championship - Orton wins
    John Cena (c) vs ADR - World Heavyweight championship - Cena wins
    Tyson Kidd, Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, Mark Henry vs Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger - 4 on 4 elimination match - Team Sandow wins
    AJ, Tamina, Layla and Alicia Fox vs. Natalya, Eva Marie and the Bellas - 4 on 4 elimination match - Team AJ wins
    Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Usos, Cody Rhodes, Goldust vs The Shield and The Wyatt Family - 6 on 6 elimination match - Team Bryan wins (getting Bryan back on track)
    Curtis Axel (c) vs Ryback - Intercontinental Championship match - Ryback wins (setting up a face turn for Axel)
  2. Preety good card, I hope they don`t do the 4v4 divas mach
  3. Randy Orton (c) v Big Show - WWE title: Orton wins clean.
    John Cena (c) v Alberto Del Rio - WH title: Cena wins.
    Daniel Bryan & CM Punk v Harper & Rowan: The Wyatts win.
    The Usos & Rhodes brothers v The Shield & Kane??? - 4v4: Cody gets the pin for the win.
    Ryback v Curtis Axel?
    Team AJ v Team Natalya - 5v5?: Natalya's team wins.

    It's meant to be one of WWE's 'Big 4' PPVs and with one RAW left, only 3 matches have been announced...
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  4. It's going to be a huge clusterfuck next week, but hopefully it turns out well. I'm assuming you can replace Kane with HHH?? Coming fresh off a vacation. HHH wins.

    Rowan+Harper vs DB and CM Punk - I think we know how it ends, but the match itself could be pretty awesome, i'm expecting DB and CM to be laid out on RAW after this week's attacks, but with Punk who knows.
    Orton beats Show, no way in hell the belt changes hands.
    The actual Survivor Series (2?) should be entertaining to see put together, i expect more of a RAW one and a Smackdown one.
    Axel loses, whoever he faces.
    Ambrose/shield are in the RAW SS with HHH against people like Ziggler/miz. Smackdown will be PTP + Truth + Usos vs Real Americans, Sandow, and 2 more?
    Cena over ADR - Ending the Angle. I do expect a returning superstar or two...Henry would be awesome, although i'd expect heel vs smackdown team, and no Bray solo match.

    I could be totally wrong, who knows...So much of this is still up for grabs.
  5. I'll russo you and give actual card predictions, results being what I want to happen
    -Orton beats Show clean, ending the angle and letting Randy crush Show's hopes and dreams
    -Cena beats ADR clean and moves on to Sandow
    -Harper and Rowan over Team GT-Yes dirty due to Kane interference
    -The Rhodes Dynasty, the Usos, and Ziggler defeat the Real Americans and the Shield in a 5-on-5 match, last fall is Cody over Rollins (to get one over on the Authority)
    -AJ Lee over Natalya, should be a big deal but nobody will care
    -Big E vs Axel, Ryback interferes for the DQ, don't know whether anybody will turn here and honestly don't care
    -Tyson Kidd over Fandango, wish it had time but no way it will
    -Sandow cuts a promo and beats Miz on the preshow

    Hope your card's right CF
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  6. Orton vs. Show- Orton wins. End of.
    Cena vs. Del Rio- Cena wins and moves on to Sandow or Cesaro or someone that will make for an entertaining feud.
    Natalya, The Bellas and Eva Marie vs. Tamina, Alicia Fox, Layla and Aksana. Team Nattie wins. Not putting AJ for obvious reasons.
    Ryback vs. Curtis Axel. Ryback wins title, still as a heel albeit and moves on to a feud with Big E. Just imagine, Big E vs. Ryback.
    Rhodes' vs. Real Americans. Would love for a Real Americans win, but I think Rhodes' will retain.
    DB and CMP vs. Harper and Rowan. Wyatt's win for sure, probably a dirty win.
    The Shield, Bray Wyatt and Sandow vs. Big E, Ziggler, Kofi and The Usos- Heel team win
    Pre show: Fandango vs. Tyson Kidd- Kidd finally gets his win.
  7. Triple H vs Big Show for the WWE Title
    Triple H vs Dean Ambrose for the US Title
    Triple H vs Curtis Axel for the IC Title
    Triple H, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and The Rhodes Brothers vs Triple H, The Shield and the Wyatt Family
    John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio for the WHC with Triple H as Special Guest Referee
    Pre-Show: Triple H vs Kofi Kingston in a Sandow on a pole match
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  8. That card Is good for Business..UGH!
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