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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Danielson, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Is this the worst S.S. card you've ever seen? This feels like the biggest throw away ppv in the past few years. Not really feeling it, hbu?
  2. No, not really feeling it. The Hoff will still watch it, no doubt. Every outcome of the matches are pretty much a given.
  3. I hated 2008 personally. I'd say 2002 was the best hands down.
  4. We'll think about how bad it's going to be, and then it will end up being a fun ppv with good matches.
  5. I hope so considering I'm not paying for it lol
  6. I may say 2011 was worse, but understand how the return of the Rock enticed some people with that show.
  7. Certainly didn't entice The Hoff.
  8. If you thought that was bad watch 2008.
  9. Yeah, it was the rocks first match back. That alone makes it better even if you like the rock or not. You had a reason to tune in. I'm trying to find a reason why I should pay 55 dollars for this ppv.
  10. That one's debatable. The whole story was pretty messed up for me at the time, but there was enough intrigue with the heat between Rock and Cena to keep you interested. Get that. This year, there is no reason to pay $55. Don't reward them for this.

    Haven't seen that one, will certainly look into it.
  11. What?? I guess the Hoff hasn't paid for a PPV in ages, so he isn't up to what the current prices for them PPVs were. 55 dollars though? The Hoff can maybe see the point in paying that for WM, but, just :damn:Like I've said before, almost all of the outcomes are predictable, sooo why should we buy it?
  12. Haven't seen it, but looking at the card... It doesn't look great by any means, but what made it so diabolical? Maybe I'll go back and watch it to find out, not sure.
    It's cool having the multiple Survivor Series matches on it at least.
  13. I think the worst thing is not even the card, it's the way it was thrown around. "Oh hey, Raw country everybody! Btw there's some PPV on Sunday, here are the matches we put together with no reason!" The build for the divas was a musical chairs game :dawg: (I'll admit it was a fine segment, but you know) and, uh... yeah. The card is bad but the way they just threw the matches there is even worse, I think.
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  14. THAT 12 man tag main event on RAW, that match should have been at Survivor Series. Granted, the Hoff admits, it was good for tv and ratings, blah blah.
  15. Yeah, I mean, blowing off a 12 man tag match the Raw before Survivor Series so they can have DB and Punk vs Wyatts and the other guys on a random 5 on 5 is... stupid. The one match people wanted to see they leave off the PPV.
  16. The traditional tag-matches actually served a purpose during the brand split days. Team RAW v Team SD was always fun and allowed upcoming stars to shine on a big stage, despite it not meaning anything. This year we don't even have a Team Superstar A vs Team Superstar B! The two title matches look abysmal, partly due to their predictability.

    The buyrate will be very low.
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  17. Yeah, this ppv is terrible.

    I might be in the minority, but the only reason why i'd watch is if we seen orton vs bryan again. Not feeling any match on the card. They even put the IC title change on raw, not the ppv. Not sure why.
  18. Danny you still buying it? Because ill stream it and you could just buy me dead rising 3 instead. It's an option.
  19. They announced most matches one week prior to the event. And I only want to see like, 2 matches. Stream it is.
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  20. Divas match and the IC title?
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