Survivor Series Survivor Series November 24th,2013 Live Discussion Thread

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    United States: LIVE, Sunday Night, Nov. 24, at 8/7c on PPV
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Nov 25, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3
    TD Garden
    Boston, MA
    Match Card:
    1. Kofi Kingston vs The Miz (Survivor Series Kickoff Match)

    2. Big E Langston (c) vs Curtis Axel- Intercontinental Championship

    3. Natalya,Eva Marie,JoJo,The Bellas,and, The Funkadactyls vs Aksana,Summer Rae,Rosa Mendes,Kaitlyn,AJ Lee,Tamina,and, Alicia Fox

    4. Golden Rhodes,The Usos,and, Rey Mysterio vs The Shield,and, The Real Americans

    5. CM Punk,and, Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan,and, Luke Harper

    6. John Cena (c) vs Alberto Del Rio- World Heavyweight Championship

    7. Randy Orton (c) vs The Big Show- WWE Championship​
  2. Intrigued by the match #4 and #5, but not by the rest at all.

    And why the hell is Big Show challenging for the WWE title on Big Four PPV in a fucking year of 2013?
  3. A 14-Diva Elimination match? I'm hoping that the eliminations here are either quick and swift or that the match ends up being the customary "Everyone gets in the ring and brawls and both teams are disqualified" that we've seen at Survivor Series a few times before. It was how the musical chairs segment ended on Raw this past Monday as well, so here's hoping for a repeat.

    Looks like a decent enough card. We get what should be a classic SS elimination match, a match for the WHC which should be pretty good (and one that will hopefully put ADR out of the title scene, maybe leading to him challenging Langston for the IC Title or something), Big E gets a title defense on PPV and we get Show/Orton out of the way, which will bring us one step closer to Show/HHH (a match I'm actually anticipating... unless they do Show/Orton again at TLC, urgh.)
  4. How the fuck are we meant to believe ADR can beat Cena now when only a month ago Cena beat ADR with basically one arm?! Makes me think Sandow will interfere after or during that one. They should have given it a stipulation like an I Quit match, which would fit with the SS theme.
  5. Ah shucky ducky quack quack moo moo
  6. Calling it right now Harper/Rowan vs Punk/Bryan could be the match of the night?
  7. Did you hear the news that WWE is apparently into big guys again? (Shocking, I know). That's why Big Show is #1 contender, because 7 foot tall = 700,000 buys or something like that.

    Think there's a chance that that whole thing is working the internet fans? They start to push Bryan, but they beat him down at the end of every single show, criticize him for being too small and not a star, half-ass the angle, then the buyrates come in and reports say they blame Bryan for being too small. Then they push Big Show, screw up the product royally after we were all finally enjoying it for a little while, then Big Show's buyrates are equally terrible and then SWERVE! Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble and everything's okay in the end! Like they "bury Bryan" in our eyes before pulling him back up. But that's giving WWE Creative WAY too much credit for being... ya know... creative.

    Cena and Del Rio is the selling point of this show, even though that feud simply isn't for us. Maybe the kids will get a few buys out of that one. :lol1: Can't help but think we'll get Punk and Bryan vs the Wyatts on Raw really soon. :russo:
  8. Just read that they did Randy Orton v Big Show at Extreme Rules earlier this year. Six months later, the same match been promoted to the main event of a supposedly big PPV with the WWE championship on the line. How depressing.
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  9. Stickied.
  10. Welcome to the WWE :kiss:
  11. Wow, they did, didn't they? Totally forgot that match happened. Still can't remember what happened in it.
  12. I'll sum it up for you. It was dreadful, brother
  13. I think you are forgetting Ryback`s open challenge
  14. I hope Bray Wyatt is at the PPV
  15. Gonna say the 5 vs 5 will be match of the night. So much talent inside a ring, that match can't go wrong. I see Cesaro turning and Reigns being the last guy, leading to (maybe) Roll and Reigns vs Cody and Goldust an TLC. If Cesaro doesn't turn, Mysterio and Sin Cara (If he's not injured) vs Cesaro and Swaggie seems likely.

    Punk's and Bryan's match will be good, nothing really special. Expect Bray to do something pretty cool

    Cena wins LOL

    HHH will be somehow involved cause Vince needs an excuse to return (Tomorrow please)

    Hope Eva gets injured while walking down the ramp. Kailtyn might turn heel (Don't know how they could book it) and probably, AJ, Tamina and a total diva (Brie, Cameron or Nat) will be the last ones, with Tamina turning on AJ.


    Couldn't be less interested in the preshow

    No ziggler :sad:
  16. Some nipslips would make the PPV worth to watch
  17. :yes::yes::ksi:
  18. Made the thread live now.
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  19. hey whats a good site to stream it from? The one I usually use won't let me on. Hellllp
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