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  1. Share any you have heard or read. I will start it off with these...

    Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins will headline Survivor Series, according to the Observer. It looks most likely he'll get screwed out of the title to build sympathy for winning it later but it's possible WWE will put it on him now and he'll defend it in the main event of WrestleMania 32.

    Apparently there's some talk now that John Cena could be back as soon as the TLC pay-per-view scheduled for Dec. 13 in Boston.

    If he does come back for that show, it's likely it will be for his rematch with Alberto Del Rio for the US championship. Either way, that looks like the program upon his return.

    According to the Observer, King Barrett and Sheamus are now considered an actual tag team.

    Dave Meltzer wrote on The Board that Gigi from Tough Enough would have been signed but something from her past came up that was bad enough that WWE is now refusing to acknowledge her at all. For what it's worth, Gigi denied this, saying they're just rumors and she has nothing bad in her past. (Update from Geno: Meltzer has since said it was a mistake and he was referring to Gabi, not Gigi.)
  2. Way to go, LOLeltzer.
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  4. If only that was true. The promise of no Gigi ever would be amazing.

    To add to this:

    Since Seth's injury, WWE announced that there'll be a tournament to determine a new champion.
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  5. It sucks Rollins will have to drop the title on terms like this, but a tournament to determine the new champion is a nice idea!
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