Survivor Series Survivor Series tag match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. There's only one more RAW before Survivor Series and there still hasn't been a traditional tag team match announced. So,who do you think is gonna be apart of it? I think it'll most likely be(stop reading if you haven't seen RAW yet,mini-spoiler inbound) CM Punk,Daniel Bryan,The Usos,and, The Rhodes Brothers taking on The Shield and The Wyatt Family. If that happens it could very easily be one of the most exciting Survivor Series tag matches in recent years.
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  2. Please sweet Jesus of the wrestling gods let this match happen.
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  3. If this match happens which I really hope it does I don't see The Shield,and, The Wyatt Family working together for more than 10 or 15 minutes tops.
  4. I haven't watched RAW yet but to simply think about this match is godly, it would make up for shitty Orton vs Show all day long.
    That picture on WWE's website of the ending where Punk and Bryan pose with the others is awesome.
  5. If this match doesn't happen I'll be a monkeys uncle. I see either the wyatts leaving the shield high and dry or wyatt's and dean leaving roman to further the friction in the shield (I see Seth being eliminated or staying with roman)
  6. And just like that they announced Punk/Bryan vs Harper/Rowan on Hopefully Smackdown or RAW next week rectifies it.
  7. Can't access atm,so, is that match the Survivor Series tag match or just a match announced for the next Smackdown or RAW?
  8. Survivor series. Not the elimination stip one (at least not yet)
  9. After what happened at the end of RAW last night, why not have Punk, Bryan, Usos, and Rhodes Brothers vs The Wyatt Family and the Shield? BFB:kiss:
  10. Did you not read the posts above? Punk/Bryan v Harper/Rowan is happening.
  11. :facepalm1:

    Some people out there want to destroy your dreams, Vince loves taking away your dream matches.
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  12. I..I...I...I did read it. I said WHY NOT? I didn't say OMFG THEY'RE SOOOOOO GONNA HAVE THT MATCH I SAID THEY SHOULD HAVE LOLOLOL!!!11! :finger:
  13. I think the announcement of Punk/Bryan-Harper/Rowan is just to mess with people for the next week or something. There's three more shows until the PPV and I'd bet on them making this thing into a six-on-six elimination match. The Raw ending made it pretty clear that's where it's heading to, not to mention that elimination tag team matches are a staple of this brand of PPV. That'll be a hell of a thing to watch, The Shield and the Wyatts working together.
  14. That's what I said, but when The Hoff says it, nooooooooooooooooooooooo it's blasphemy. Asshats.
  15. I think it will be the opposite. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and The Shield vs The Wyatt Family and maybe the Heyman Guys.
  16. Whichever way it goes, I hope after that D-Bryan and Punk split after that.
  17. Would love to see a 25 minutes long tag team match, or it can even be an elimination tag team match which in my opinion would be better. Imagine the final round. Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose :fap:
  18. Survivor Series rules = elimination
  19. I know, I know. In fact, I was talking about a completely different match. I was talking about The Shield vs The Wyatts, elimination tag team match.
  20. I`d love to see this match
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