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  1. Team RAW Vs. Team Smackdown

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  2. Heels Vs. Face

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  3. Team Lesnar Vs Team HHH

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  4. Other

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  1. [​IMG]

    Give some idea's of what kind of match you would like at Survivor Series consisting of Team members or whatever.

  2. team lesnar vs team HHH :win:

    im guessing this would be heels vs faces with a better storyline
  3. Team Lesnar vs Team HHH would be good. You would need a angle where a group of mercenaries are working together in a stable of some kind. Triple H's team would be all faces obviously. So far his team would consist of Triple H, Sheamus, possibly Kofi.
  4. I am thinking it might be Team Booker vs Team AJ
  5. Face Vs. Face which ones the heel?
  6. HHH vs Lesnar for me.

    SD vs RAW matches are pointless imo and they don't bring anything into the storyline.
    HHH vs Lesnar is a furious storyline which will possibly re-start soon. So I really don't know who will be in which team.
    But I know Punk and Heyman will be at Lesnar's.
  7. Wouldn't that be RAW Vs. Smackdown? :dawg:
  8. :hmm: Not necessarily, Team Johnny vs Team Teddy wasn't hyped as SD vs Raw.
  9. But these are two face GM's.
  10. Yeah, I'm also not sure how I'd book that feud but I'm just saying that it isn't guaranteed that it'd be hyped as SD vs Raw, and that'd be difficult, considering how relevant the brand division is today.
  11. brock vs h again
  12. Yh
  13. I have 2-

    1:like Lackin-I'd have to say Brock against HHH-BUT ONLY to have HHH win this time, a rematch of sorts.

    2: PUNK VS. CENA-a rematch with no tie this time(generally I'm all for a tie,but in this case-I feel a little differently this time)- So there can absolutely be no confusion or chaos on who won and most especially after the whole "FOOT ON THE ROPE" thing,they would wrestle to the finish til someone wins and someone loses due to tap out or being knocked all the way out. SET AND GET THE RECORD COMPLETELY STRAIGHT THIS TIME.
  14. Unless it has a meaningful big impact storyline behind it I want Team Nothing. Fuck team matches, they're boring.

    If it was some like Team WWE vs Outlaws type thing it could be cool.
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