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  1. hi everyone

    Could someone please explain the survivor series format for me please, ive never watched any before, i ubderstand there are always two teams, do the teams just all have one big match or are they seperate, also how are the teams chosen

    Thanks in advance
  2. A survivor series match works like this: Each match has two teams, the amount of people on each team can vary but the standard is 5. The match works under elimination rules, so you don't win by pinning just one wrestler on the opposing team, you have to pin everyone on the opposing team to win. Once a wrestler is pinned, he or she is eliminated and can no longer compete in the match.

    There can be multiple Survivor series matches on the show, when the show started every match on the card had to be a survivor series match. How the teams are picked vary, sometimes its a bunch of guys locked into the same feud. Last year for example there was one match where one team was Team Authority, lead by Seth Rollins. And the other team was the wrestlers they were feuding with.

    How the teams are picked depend on how lazy/motivated the writers are tho. For example, whenever there's a female SS match they just take all the evil divas and put them on one team, and all the good divas on the other.
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  3. Brilliant stuff i can look forward to it now

    Thanks so much for a detailed explanation
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