Swagger and Cesaro

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. Interesting how Swags is over as hell after staying with Zeb and being put into a decent feud with Rusev, whilst Cesaro flounders in the abyss of nothing to do. What are your thoughts?

    For me it's a shame as Cesaro is obviously talented but without a mouthpiece he just doesn't seem to connect with the audience. Swags still has Zeb to do this and being the patriotic all American is paying off for him big time atm, but what after?
  2. Basically fuck USA
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  3. I can't stand Swagger one bit, but I do like Zeb- he's the only one I have any interest in that whole feud and even he's struggling to make me care about it.
    I wish they'd hurry up and decide what they want to do with Cesaro (Hint- start pushing him again) guy deserves way better than this.
  4. I did despise Swagger but recently I have gotten more and more into him, mainly because of Zeb and the fact I can't stand Rusev who bores me already so I hope he gets his arse kicked.

    I want to see Cesaro pushed also but they obviously have nothing for him atm which is a shame.
  5. I think in Cesaro's case it's more of a Vince testing him thing.

    Push him for a bit, then take it all away, see how he handles it.
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  6. I think putting him with Heyman at that point was a huge mistake. He was never Heyman's top guy because of Lesnar. I guess it was probably just to give him something to do since Lesnar isn't around for 90% of the time, but it just made Cesaro less of a big deal since Heyman used his time with Cesaro to big up Lesnar.
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  7. I try to enjoy Swagger as a face but I am way too salty about him injuring my boy, Bad New Barrett. As for Cesaro, I kinda agree with what @Stopspot is saying about the testing him thing, but what if it goes on for too long? Cesaro is way too good to be held down. I feel that they could've done a nice job with him and Heyman. Well, that was blown.
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  8. I hope this is true! Still one of the better segments each week with his in ring ability.
  9. I have no doubt that Jack Swagger's momentum will go down once this rivalry with Rusev and Lana is done with. Sure, he's over because of the whole USA vs Russia storyline that's easy to get into, but there aren't a whole lot of foreign monsters beyond Rusev for Swagger to play American hero against. I expect him to go back to jobbing not long after Summerslam.

    They fucked up Cesaro. Not that he can't recuperate and be built back up, but he had a lot of momentum coming off the battle royal victory at Wrestlemania and now his inferior tag team partner is more over than he is. For what it's worth though, reports indicate that the recent amicable split between Cesaro and Paul Heyman is meant to be leading to something bigger down the road (possibly Cesaro straight-up telling Heyman that he spent too much time pimping Lesnar's victory over the Undertaker and not enough time on him, which could ruffle some feathers and eventually lead to a Cesaro/Lesnar rivalry. Cesaro being brave enough to challenge Brock Lesnar and putting up a damn good fight and nearly defeating him would be a great way of getting him over again big with the fanbase. Plus, imagine the reaction if he delivered the Big Swing on Paul Heyman.)
  10. I am now a limited user for posting this? Wtf? Please delete my account if this bullshit is true loool
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  11. They're both good talents. You people are way too critical.
    Neither guy are complete talents, yet you all swear up and down Cesaro is greater.
    I admit Cesaro's moveset is phenomenal, but Swagger is also a good hand.
    Cesaro is better, but not by a whole lot. He's flavor of the month and Swagger has had his chance, but Swagger is hardly as sh***y as some of you clones make him out to be.
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  12. This is how wrestling works, it's funny. It's also a direct result of them managing Cesaro badly by pairing him with Heyman when he was getting massive face pops and giving him virtually nothing to do! Classic.
  13. I like them both still (and Rusev for that matter), but this is from the mouth of a major WWE mark so take it as you will.

    Does Swagger even say anything in his current feud other than "We the people"? I haven't heard much from him. He has had some impressive spots in his mix-ups with Rusev so far IMO.

    Also, I still love that new 'We the People" t-shirt. That helped get them over for me haha
  14. Agree, delete his account
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  15. Cesaro was cringeworthy during last week's Raw when he came out to defend Heyman and insult Cena. He's lackluster on the mic but he's a tremendous talent in the ring. Without a manager by his side, I think he might continue to struggle.

    I think Swagger is doing well right now because of Zeb, and because of the America vs Russia angle. But, like most angles, it will become overdone and stale at some point and his popularity will likely fade. He's a decent wrestler but nothing to be overly excited about. He's another one of those wrestlers that needs a mouthpiece since his mic work needs some improvement.
  16. If only Swagger could become the Angle replacement the WWE needs lol. He's got the submission down but thats about it IMO.
  17. Loooool.

    Delete my account please mods I'm done
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  18. You can do that all by yourself buddy.

    I don't get WWE at all lately, and every time i stumble into these threads i feel like i'm doing myself a favor with the random reminder of how bad the entire product is.
  19. How????
  20. IDK ask a mod via pm. I'm not even advocating you bailing from the site, just saying it's possible, or at least was.
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