Swagger/Rusev feud reportedly cancelled.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Just Kevin, Jul 22, 2014.

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    The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE may have canceled the planned feud between Jack Swagger and Rusev, as the decision was made during Monday's creative meetings to not go through with a planned idea to have the two "face each other at several pay-per-views."

    The reason for this decision has not been made clear as of yet, though there is heavy speculation that it may have to do with Lana's promo at the recentBattleground event, in which she mentioned that the United States is blaming Russia for "recent current events," As previously reported, many people were said to be outraged over the promo and have concluded it to be a reference to the recent Malaysian Airlines disaster, though WWE recently issued a statement claiming that Lana's Battleground promo "was in no way referring" to the tragedy.

  2. pussy ass world we live in
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  3. PC life
  4. They had a run in on Main Event.
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  5. Yeah, I saw they cancelled Sheamus' appearance and made it Swagger/Rusev instead.. it seems they are somewhat limiting Lana's talk time now though... she was on the mic less than 2 minutes.. flashed the picture of Putin then got out of the ring.
  6. Probably because the shows only an hour.
  7. Stop making sense dammit!
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  8. Probably cancelled because Swagger injured people recently
  9. I was actually looking forward to this feud.
  10. I'd be stunned if anyone who actually watches or even follows the product was offended by Lana's promo.
    No reason to cancel the angle. If anything else they can use the free publicity.
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  11. Art imitates life. That's the best part. Im pissed if it wasn't a reference.
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  12. Sandow would put both Rusev and Swagger in their places if the WWE let him but hey, I'm just a simple Sandow mark trying to get my boy some attention :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. What's he going to do? Dress up like Rocky and fight Ivan Drago. Sandow is a nerd
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  14. This is some BULLshit if its true damn it. What the hell? :facepalm1: Damn you WWE
  15. Canceling the feud would be very pussified (which isn't an actual word, but what the hell) of them. People whine and complain that there isn't enough "attitude" on the show these days, but then once the WWE shows a little edge and actually gets some real heat on someone, a certain group of people (probably some of the very same people) then complain that they're "taking things too far."

    I personally didn't mind the reference to MH17, nor would I mind Rusev doing something like stomp on the American Flag or something. I'd even love for Lana to cut a pro-Russian/anti-American promo while members of the Armed Forces were sitting right there at ringside. That'd be great.
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  16. Really, the AE fans are saying this stuff? I just assumed it was the same dipshits talking up how "wrestling is horrible, it's a sport full of drugs and steroid abusers, tear it down!" after the Warrior's passing that are getting pissy about this.

    Don't see the point in them trying to appeal to all these non-wrestling fans. Those of us who "get it", get it, and for the majority that don't there's nothing WWE can do to change their opinions. They can appeal to the kids who don't have these preconceived notions all they want, but WWE needs to focus on getting the 4 million people who watch Raw every week to subscribe to the Network, not what the Atlantic is saying about the racism or what any of these other publications are saying about Lana's promo. Getting rid of this feud and undercutting the most hated heel on the roster in YEARS is only going to hurt your business.

    Besides, when she started spouting off about how "Who are you blame us for what we've done lately when you stupid Americans invaded Iraq for oil", she's right. And there's no greater heel tactics than the truth.
  17. [​IMG]

    in a nutshell
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  18. Yeah I know AE fans who are pretty wussed out now that theyre married.
    Once you start getting a pet, a wife and some little ones your d*** pretty much detaches itself from your body.
    After the white picket fence comes up, your d*** is like, "I'm outta here"
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  19. You're back! :yay:
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  20. Yeah buddy. My internet got shut. Bastards. Kinda my fault, kinda not. I'm re-charged though. Looks good in here.
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