Swagger signs taken away

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Lol. Weed the people.
  2. They should use this to gain heat IMO, it's everywhere so I don't think it will effect them financially. All good heels are hypocrites IMO, Swagger is talking about hard working America and how he symbolizes it but he screws up as badly as this, showing the traits he and Zeb are trying to avoid.
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  3. Just because they take the signs away doesn't take away from the fact that it's all over the media and the fans have heard all about it. They should either address it or capitalize on it somehow for a story line.
  4. What's wrong with "Weed the People" signs? It by no means is saying they endorse the idea of smoking pot. Its just a funny saying. I am sure kids know about weed anyways. Its all over on TV, in music, and in movies.
  5. Because it was made to bring attention to the fact that Jack was caught driving under the influence and in possession. WWE are taking a "Swagger takes responsibility for Swagger approach here" (Since normal pot is only punishable by a fine in the WWE) and they don't want it to get in the way of the Wrestlemania build.
  6. Was to be expected. WWE has always done this. I think I remember them even taking away signs saying "Cena Can't Wrestle" back in 2005 for fuck's sake.
  7. So by them taking away signs from FANS this is showing SWAGGER is taking responsibility? That makes no sense. He probably didn't even care he got busted because he was willing to do it knowing there was a good chance he could get busted. I understand what you are saying but on wwe's behalf, that just sounds like them trying to control our opinions. #WeThePeople
  8. WWE taking away signs they don't want seen isn't news. They have been doing that for as long as RAW has been on the air at least. It's in the fine print on the tickets that they have the right to remove any signs they do not agree with/ like or cover up shirts they don't want seen on TV either.
  9. I know about them taking signs away and covering things up but certain ones I don't get. They let hoeskie go on signs but not weed? lol
  10. Hoeski was a WWE product (coined by Cena) Swagger getting caught with weed was not. Swagger smoking pot can be interpreted as negative since he was caught doing it in real life, not as part of the on screen product.
  11. They should have just ran with it, not against it though. Like "I have my rights as an American" and blah blah. Yes, I know its illegal but it still would have been funny. lol
  12. Yeah, that's not a part of Swagger's character and I don't think having stuff that makes mention to drugs on a TV show is good anyway.
  13. Pussified WWE being pussies.
  14. They can try to cover it up if they like, but it still happened and no amount of sign taking is going to change that fact!
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