Swagger's Manager And His Promo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 11, 2013.

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    What did you think of the promo? I thought it was gold, and I sincerely hope he won't be reprimanded for it or something.
  2. Swagger got a great manager there. Dude managed JBL back in the day. Hopefully he stays around on the road since his granddaughter just died in a car accident.
  3. Great move if he does all the talking and just lets Swagger mangle people.
  4. Also, that promo seems to be directed at the new super Mexcan ADR. Perhaps they're setting up a new feud.
  5. The guy was amazing. One of the best promos in recent years tbh. Lol
  6. Made me lol. One of my favorite moments of tonight. We'll see there it goes. :dawg:
  7. Glorious facial hair. Anyway, the promo itself was okay. Really glad Jack Swagger wasn't the one delivering it so that right there is a major step in the right direction.
  8. As for if they will get reprimanded for it: No I don't think so. Dutch Mantel is one of the more respected men in wrestling and a close personal friend of Jerry Lawler, and we all know how close Lawler and Vince are.

    Am I the only one seeing a possible Del Rio/Swagger feud down the road? Not necessarily for the title but down the road. And in this feud I see a segment were Zeb deports Ricardo :sad:
  9. Hey, they finally have a gimmick that has something to do with American society! And they even picked the one least liked by Americans (outside of maybe hipsters), Rednecks.

    Seriously, the promo was great when you get past the whole thing with Swagger's Lego Man haircut/Swagger's random neck beard/Swagger still being Swagger.
  10. Personally I have no problem with him saving his hair out. I think it's growing out so he can have it pulled back or similar.
  11. Also, am I the only one who wants to see Swagger and Zeb burn a lower case T on Kofi/R-truth's lawn for "time to leave" ?
  12. Was great, a more realistic gimmick, nice. Liked that Mantel went out there, heard about him before, great mouthpiece (and glorious facial hair as previously mentioned). This is going to be good.
  13. Nope look a few posts above yours

  14. JBL is on board! :yay:
  15. Zeb is named after Ann Coulter :otunga:
  16. It sure shut up the "what chants"
  17. They're more tolerable now'adays when you have insufferable marks chanting "boring" during heel promos. That does my head in.
  18. yeah it has toned down but still is annoying when they do it. certain marks mentality to just not listen to a word a heel says.
  19. What chants are annoying. He did stop them, that was great.
  20. I was watching it on mute like 'who the fuck is this guy?'

    pretty hilarious that they are giving them the "racist patriot" gimmick. I can dig it.
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