Swagger's new t-shirt

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Pretty dull IMO.
  2. Fugly color.
  3. Who'd wear that outside of trailer parks and EBW?
  4. Will sell well in the dirty south.
  5. Eww, bad... Just, bad.
  6. That doesn't look that bad considering.
  7. Tsk, all these comments about how we southerners would want to ge.......HOLY CRAP, awesome shirt!! WE THE PEOPLE!! F YEAH!! *runs to WWE Shop to purchase* .....what was I saying?

    Oh yeah -- hideous shirt. Sub par even by WWE merch standards.
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  8. I'm a hillbilly with a confederate hat and a plaid shirt on and even I think this is some ass
  9. The shirt's text is wrong, it should be "Weed tha people"
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  10. Absolutely disgusting.
  11. Pretty shitty. WWE sucks at designing shirts. Lol
  12. I sorta like it :downer:
  13. :finger: <--- He would.
  14. I mentioned trailer parks.
  15. :lol1: Oh yeah...I remember the Rock calling Austin that....
  16. I like the shirt! ; - ; Color change would be good tho.
  17. Yeah that would help.
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