Swap 5 TNA Stars for 5 WWE Stars.. while keeping the product of both shows in mind

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  1. In other words you aren't trying to rape WWE of all of its talent to stack TNA's roster or vice versa. Think of underutilized guys or someone who you think might just fit in better at the other company. For me:

    from WWE to TNA:

    1.) Dolph Ziggler. I know he is finally creeping towards the main event in WWE, but IMO in TNA he could be another Aries and become a main event hit sooner rather than later. His ring work would be less restricted and his character would be more featured instead of a fat widow with an annoying voice stealing his airtime.

    2.) Jack Swagger. Stealing this idea from a post I made in Stopspot's Swagger thread. WWE is jobbing him out and it's a pointless shame, but in TNA he would be an upper midcarder at worst IMO. His ring work is stellar and his personality is goofy.. TNA would better put that on display and it would be more entertaining as opposed to WWE where they try to cover up his goofyness for the most part

    3.) Evan Bourne- assuming his foot is ever healed. WWE is never going to give the guy a real push.. might as well put him in TNA to shine as the face of the X Division. He would be insanely over in the IZ

    4.) The Kings of Wrestling- two for one special, suck my dick. Simply because in TNA I don't think they would have been split up, they would still be the Kings. In WWE they might do something with this Cesarro push, they might not. I know in TNA they would be tag team champs in no time.

    5.) Hunico- assuming they didn't team him up with Hernandez & Chavo to form LAX V 5.0, he could be a great heel in the X Division. He doesn't seem to get much love from WWE, though they may push him eventually. Hunico > Sin Cara

    from TNA to WWE:

    1.) RVD- once upon a time RVD was the most over guy in WWE, or right among the most over guys. His work sucks dick in TNA.. maybe if he went back to WWE he would stop smoking so much and produce better matches via caring more. I know he has a lot of fans still, most of whom probably watch more WWE than TNA

    2.) Crimson- I took a lot of talent from WWE, so its only fair that I give them good, young talent back. Crimson's look would get him a great push in WWE I think. He is also good on the mic as a heel and has a decent moveset for a big man. His random start/stop pushes in TNA are a bit annoying.

    3.) Mr. Anderson- personal feelings aside because I believe when he left WWE their were some hard feelings, I just feel he fits in better with WWE than TNA. His TNA character/gimmick is beyond stale, and his ring work isn't as good as most of the rest of the TNA main eventers. He can go to SD and be a contender for the WHC from now until the end of forever. WWE clearly liked the guy before things went sour. Also in WWE he can't use the word asshole as a crutch any longer.

    4.) Samoa Joe- Joe is one of the 5 best things about TNA without a doubt, but I think he would find a lot of success in the WWE, especially since he has seemingly once again found the spark that was missing for a while. His ring psychology is world class,which in WWE is basically the #1 most important aspect to their ring work. I would love to see Joe vs Punk/DB in WWE style feuds considering how great those guys were together in ROH

    5.) Chris Sabin- he's on the shelf for a while with his knee, but once he gets healthy you can debut Sabin and Shelley together as the Guns instead of once again just needlessly breaking up a great tag team for the sake of doing so. I believe Shelley has signed with WWE? That may not be official but it seems inevitable

    Feel free to critique my list but remember to post yours.
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  2. From WWE to TNA:

    Sheamus - Yeah you might have a go at me but I'm a fan of heel Sheamus. TNA needs some decent heel Europeans, Magnus is alone.

    Alex Riley - Awesome heel, WWE will refuse to use him it seems.

    Swagger - Same reasons as you

    Evan Bourne - X-Division competition, finally.

    R-Truth or Kofi - Both underused in WWE. R-Truth is a fantastic heel, Kofi is just awesome

    TNA to WWE:

    Roode - I think he'd make it big time in WWE with his look, mic ability and wrestling ability.

    Samoa Joe - Same reasons as you

    Mr Anderson - Seems to get hated on now by some TNA fans but I'm a massive fan of the guy, plus, him returning could open some cool storylines.

    Crimson - Same as you

    RVD - Just so someone like Wade Barrett can retire him.
  3. Roode & Joe with the only main eventer coming back being She Moose? lame
  4. Riley is definitely a main eventer for TNA, I don't care about the haters, he's damn good. Riley > most in the WWE main event.
  5. Riley has charisma, confidence, and and a decent look + he's an okay talker. He isn't outstanding in any of those areas, just above average, and he is an average at best worker. The difference between Riley and a Joe or Roode is night and day
  6. Riley is an awesome mic worker, I disagree there. Plus his look is exceptional.

    Fine, I'll swap Swagger for Big Show. lmao
  7. I knew you were going to come in and fuck TNA. After how fairly I treated WWE too. for shame
  8. I was kidding noob.

    I'm not sure which main event too swap though. Punk is doing amazing in WWE so no need. Possibly Alberto Del Rio, though he's not exactly being underused in WWE. Ziggler is on his way to greatness in WWE. Actually, Rhodes. I'd swap Rhodes, he'd be awesome in TNA.
  9. Rhodes is hardly a 'main eventer' but he is obviously a main event talent. I would love ADR in TNA.. they wouldn't let him rot with this played out gimmick while jamming him down fans throats wondering why he isn't getting over
  10. RE: Swap 5 TNA Stars for 5 WWE Stars.

    To WWE:

    1) Samoa Joe: I've been waiting for Joe to come to WWE forever and he'd be a good fit if they let him be aggressive.

    2) Sting: Just so he can have one match in the WWE and leave

    3) Abyss: because WWE won't have a monster when Kane leaves

    4) Kazarian: My fav X division champ. He could have a lot of great matches with some of the guys in WWE.

    5) Eric Young: He'd have a good run at one of the mid titles

    To TNA:

    1) John Cena: Dear god you can have him and all his 9 year old fans. He'll bring attention to TNA regardless of my opinion of him

    2) Jack Swagger: Not utilized properly, but good in ring ability.

    3) Drew McIntyre: Because if WWE is gonna keep a guy like that as a jobber, might as well send him over

    4) Sin Cara: He should be a main part of the WWE roster, but I find him just only slightly more relevant than Rey Mysterio these days

    5) William Regal: I know he's not a wrestling as much as he used to or at all for that matter, but I could see him going there and becoming a world champ.

    Bonus: Even though he was just recently released, AW because like Kobe Bryant in a hotel in Colorado, he's unstoppable! :obama:


    I literally lol'd when you said LAX V 5.0
  11. To TNA:

    1) Jack Swagger- They'll use him properly and not job him out.
    2) Kofi Kingston- Whether it's X Division or World championship scene, they'l make better use of him then WWE is.
    3) Christian- Get him back into the main event picture instead of becoming a jobber again.
    4) Tyson Kidd- He could shine in the X Division, and he could put on great matches.
    5) Natalya- Great addition to the knockouts, and adds some more competition from a great wrestler.

    To WWE:
    1) Robbie T, just to give Ryback some competition, and what not.
    2) Samoa Joe- Give him a world championship shot and cna put on great matches.
    3) Rob Van Dam- Chance to put guys over, and give the crowd some life.
    4) Elijah Burke- To give him a push of something like midcard, anything but being jobbed out.
    5) Mr. Anderson- Put a world championship around his waist and restore his credit in WWE.
  12. Tough one for me.

    To WWE:

    -Crimson. He's a perfect fit up there, a big guy who can work who's easy to push. It's a hell of a lot better than Sheamus.

    -Gunner. They seem afraid to turn Orton back heel, and Gunner seems to be a guy who can work a Orton-esque psychopath character really well.

    -Jeff Hardy. WWE gets the biggest star they've created since John Cena back on their roster. He's a superstar in WWE, in TNA he's just a guy. And he's still working WWE-style, so he's just not a good fit in TNA at all.

    -Anderson. One thing WWE's really missing right now is some kind of elite mic worker. Now they have one. Again, a bigger guy working the WWE-style just isn't a fit in TNA.

    -Magnus. The Triple H regime seems to be high on guys like Mcgillicutty and Mcintyre to be the future top powerhouse heels for the company, but nobody's taking Mcgillicutty seriously (especially with that name) and Mcintyre's probably past the point of no return, sadly. Magnus could be a nice option if those two can't pull it off.

    To TNA is hard... Imo, they don't really have a mid-card scene, so the countless guys who are misused in WWE but can't make the incredibly crowded TNA main event picture will probably be lost in the shuffle over there too. Sorry to guys like ADR and Dolph.

    -Hunico. One of the real issues with him is that he's clearly not a "WWE-style" performer, so get his ass in the X-Division. He can talk, work, get heat, etc. why not? Camacho can gtfo though

    -Tyson Kidd, and Natalya's probably a package deal. You get one of WWE's 5 best workers AND their top women's wrestler while they're both being completely misused as job fodder? Best deal ever.

    -Beth Phoenix. Still think she'll be exposed as a Knockout, but it's another boost to the Knockouts' division. She can't possibly be worse than Tessmacher or Madison, and being a Diva is a complete waste of her time.

    -I'd love to throw a tag-team in there, but with WWE's antique match script it's hard to tell who has enough potential. Kofi Kingston's intriguing, but I'm worried he'd have Jeff Hardy syndrome (bringing his spot-oriented WWE moveset to TNA) so I'd go with Bourne like you guys are. If you can guarantee Kofi can be the elite worker he can be, I'd rather have him.

    And the best part? TNA has an open door to use Pope and maybe Kenny King to replace Hardy and Anderson, while WWE gets the green light to put the exciting Percy Watson on TV, who's a more logical fit with Truth than Kofi is.
  13. Going with the Divas/Knockouts! Since they're not that big in numbers, I'm going w/ 3.

    To Double U, Double U Eee

    1. SoCal Val - I enjoy her more than Lillian. IMO Lil's decent, but Val's better.
    2. Velvet Sky- I feel like she's really good with the mic. I enjoyed "Beautiful People". I never liked Love tho.
    3. Victoria - She should go back to the WWE. She's really an awesome worker in-ring.

    To Tee Enn Eay

    1-3 Natalya, Kaitlyn, AJ - Underutilized girls. I want to see what they're really made of!
  14. Would definitely rather have those chicks in TNA, Hannah, along with my girl Beth.

    Only thing is I'm not so sure if Velvet is technically even still employed by TNA, but she definitely seems more like a WWE 'Diva' than TNA 'Knockout' IMO.