Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion Sarah Backman Starts Training With WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by the_hoff, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Sarah Backman, an arm wrestling world champion, announced today on Twitter that she has begun training at the WWE Performance Center.
    The Swedish born Diva finally received her work visa last week and has relocated to Orlando.
    Backman is an 8-time World Arm Wrestling Champion, 8-time European Arm Wrestling Champion and 11-time Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion.
    She wrote the following today:
    "So.. Today, it's exactly 7 years ago I started armwrestling - Nov 19 2006. Pretty funny that I started WRESTLING almost the same date (yesterday, Nov 18th) 7 years later. It's gonna be very interesting and exciting to see where I'm at in another seven years! #wwe #armwrestling #anniversary #wrestling #wwediva #loveit

    Oh Lawdy Lawdy, look at them guns on her. Think she will debut as a heel or face? The Hoff can't wait to see her run wild all over the Divas Division. Destroy em on Diva at a time. You're lookin at your next Divas Champ folks. Maybe go the Chyna route? Put the IC title on her at some point. Now THAT is bestforbusiness :pity2:
  2. I'm sure @Stopspot will mark for her debut.
  3. Annnnd why's that, brother? :hogan:
  4. They're both Swedish. I mean, they have to know each other or at he should like her, you know.
  5. Ah, yes, Hoff gets what you're sayin, brother. Oh you S'weeds. He's gonna be her biggest mark. Watch.
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  6. By woman it's not nice so much of muscles. I don't like that :jericho:
  7. Hopefully sh'll adapt fine to the WWE. She already has experience with sports entertainment since she worked on the Swedish adaptation of Gladiators for a season or two.
    picture (open)


    Obviously a different kind of sports entertainment but sports entertainment still.
  8. I knew it.
  9. looks like Ben Stiller's wife's face on a UFC LW's body. do not want.
  10. I totally would. Even if I didn't want to. She would probably make me anyway,
    Which is so hot. Oh God I am so confused. But in a good way?
    Yeah, sure.
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  11. id lay the smackdown of that candy ass
  12. in love
  13. Mmmm, Hoff says get that Pratchett..if ya know what The Hoff means. :pity2: Anyways, Sarah should adapt well to the E, guarantee she will be divas champ in no time, brother
  14. Would let her give me a handjob until she rips it off.
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  15. So a 3 second HJ?
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  16. classic
  17. Eh, not bad looking, a little muscley, but you kind of have to be in that line of work. Excited to see what she can do if she makes to the main roster. Or even NXT for that matter.
  18. 10/10 would want a handy
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