News Swedish divers unearth a 'Stone Age Atlantis': 11,000-year-old ancient settlement discovered under t

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    • Divers found a harpoon, tools, horns and the bones of ancient cattle
    • The bones belonged to the animal auroch last seen in the early 1600s
    • Archaeologists believe these relics date back to the Stone Age
    • It is said to be the oldest settlement in the area - dubbed Sweden’s 'Atlantis'

    Divers in Sweden have discovered a rare collection of Stone Age artefacts buried deep beneath the Baltic Sea.

    Archaeologists believe the relics were left by Swedish nomads 11,000 years ago and the discovery may be evidence of one of the oldest settlements ever found in the Nordic region.

    Some of the relics are so well preserved, reports have dubbed the find 'Sweden’s Atlantis' and suggested the settlement may have been swallowed whole by the sea in the same way as the mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean.


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    Really though, that is cool as hell.
  2. That really is pretty cool.
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