News Swedish wrestler works WWE tryout

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  1. It was reported on the facebook page of GBG (Gothenburg) Wrestling that the GBG heavyweight champion Steinbolt worked a 2 day WWE try out in early May. This makes him the first Swedish wrestler to work one and if he gets signed he'd become the first Swedish wrestler signed to one of the big companies since Frank Andersson in the early 90's, not counting Sarah Backman, who had a brief stint in NXT recently. But Steinbolt comes in as an already trained wrestler who obviously wants this unlike Sarah who was an armwrestler and on the cast of Swedish Gladiators.

    Pretty stoked. He's one of my favs on our scene. Real good heel and he has decent ring skills that are enhanced by him just getting match psychology real well.
  2. Swedish forumer posting about Swedish wrestler?

  3. Aye, but can and he swing his sword? Pillage the village? Drink the blood of fallen warriors? The natives come in proud tribes, but will he test their strength? If the answer is indeed, then he will be true champion material.

    Hey, I'm all for a Scandinavian brother to succeed. It gives me hope for whenever I choose to pursue a career. I'm excited.
  4. More Scandinavians should be into wrasslin. It's just as cool as worshipping Satan and allows us to listen to death metal.
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  5. LMFAO your sig. Doakes ftw. win.
  6. If he does get signed Cena will bury his ass
  7. Can you speculate why? Cena wins lol isnt a new deal.
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