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    tsar could be using this as dirt on me. edited.
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  2. Honestly I didn't think you were 22 (Because I know a lot of people who put fake ages anyway) and age normally doesn't matter to me as long as the person can carry a fluent conversation, so you're still cool to me brotha. Happy birthday.
  3. I had the same situation a few months ago mate, Gonna do what others didn't for me.

    All cool, I wont treat you any different.
  4. :yay: Good story, it doesn't change the way I look at you. You cool, you cool. Also, happy birthday!
  5. While were making confessions........................................ I'm actually Jwab.
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  6. Using a voice changer is slightly different than putting a false age on a forum profile, but sure.

    Tbh Nick, I can't say I've ever looked at your age on your profile, I've always presumed you were about 17 so it makes 0 difference to me.
  7. Actually that was a completely different thing than I was talking about and also don't start any of this shit here,
  8. Honestly, I didn't even know your age. You didn't go around telling it or trying to act a certain way. You're fine.
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  9. Oh and happy bday

  10. What were you meaning then? I don't remember anything else on here o.O

    LOL really, don't start any of this shit? Dude, what is your problem with being so hostile. I only replied to you. See this is why I despise you.
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  11. This turned out better than expected :happy:
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  12. I didn't say it was here either.

    "Despise" strong words but the feeling is mutual. Leave it at this.
  13. Was this supposed to be controversial?
  14. Despise is a weak word, but it's strong enough for the public viewing.

  15. Ye
  16. Well, time to shutdown the government.
  17. Lol don't care. Still an MP fag.

    JK. You're cool.
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  19. He's talking about MP. While before we even knew WWEF, yeah...

    BACK ON TOPIC. Um... I already posted here, this is awkward :silva:
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