Switch the alignment of 2 people.

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  1. So you can take one heel and turn them face and one face and turn them heel. List who, why and how.

    Heel to face - ADR. He's good but just isn't clicking as a heel, lets give a slow start as a face and see if he can catch fire. As for how I'd have Rey talk about how Alberto is disrespecting his Mexican heritage. Week after week Rey takes a beating but keeps coming back saying Alberto needs to see the light. Finally Alberto begins to respect Rey and forms a team with him.

    Face to heel - Alex Riley. He's so talented on the mic and could provide a big midcard feud as a heel. As for how just have him come out and cut a promo speaking about how he's been under appreciated by everyone and now he's going to take a more serious approach.
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  2. I can only agree with you seabs..

    ADR should turn face, and get over with it. And I like Riley very much. I'd like him to be a mid-card champ and maybe some higher things in the future..

    Good post!
  3. Heel to face - The Miz. I think Miz has that outgoing personality and charisma to go really far as a face, perhaps even THE face of the company. The only thing imo he needs to improve on is his moveset, they're just very boring. But of course he'd change his moveset drastically if he made the switch.

    Face to heel - Randy Orton. Yeah, this would screw up Smackdown even more than it is now, but he is made to be a heel. Regardless of the pops he gets, he is just the perfect heel. His hunting his prey gimmick, his very sly persona, it suits that of a heel. He is just one of those guys that doesn't need to talk, doesn't need to be cocky, he can just stand their in a promo and get heat. He has a VERY unique persona.
  4. Seabs stole my picks so yeah -.-


    Heel to face: Christian (only if the gimmick is right). I thoroughly enjoy his heel runs, a lot more than his face runs, but if anyone can cut it as a face with a good gimmick it's him.

    Face to heel: Orton. One of the best heels of all time.
  5. Heel to Face: Christian after he wins the WHC. I must see a Christian WHC Face run before WWE makes me completely stop watching their product.

    Face to Heel: Santino in a few months. It's time to change it up.
  6. Love this thread. Arguably the two dumbest things WWE did in 2011 was the Christian heel turn (Hey, he's never been more over, so lets turn him heel and bury him to feed Orton's ego!) and R-Truth turning face (Killing tag teams is fun!). Hit the reset button on these two and have them do what they were doing before.
  7. Is it just me who prefers Christian as a heel?
  8. I do but just not this heel character.
  9. Heel to Face - The Miz. I kind of think it's a it overdue. He's has a great fan base, good mic skills and can work the audience to it's fullest. As you said before Crayo he's kind of like The Rock.

    Face to Heel - CM Punk. The face thing isn't really working out with me. It could be booking but I preferred him as a heel. But when I want him to be a heel, I want him to be a strong heel. I think he brings his greatest mic work as a heel.
  10. New one:

    H 2 F - Miz, he just needs to get over as a face.

    F 2 H - Orton, as already said, he is the best heel ever.
  11. Nah he's not the best heel ever just one of the best :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Miz would get over as a face but I thoroughly enjoy his heel work so I'm unsure atm. He would need to be booked properly. I honestly think the best way to get Miz over as a face is Eddie Guerrero style antics.
  12. I want Orton too. But the thing is I feel like he would have to put someone over and in my head, I can't think of anyone really.
  13. One of the better, ok? :emoji_wink:
    And yeah, a EG way would be good for Miz, indeed a good booking.
    Maybe some heel low-cards. And him being a victim of a heel attack or something like that.
  14. The good old "throw chair at opponent and lie down" would do it for me.
  15. I'm wouldn't have Punk turn heel personally, I would just have him be a bit more edgy. He should go back to how he was in the summer, a face but with some heelish traits.

    All my others have been picked to be honest. Probably Christian and Orton for moi.
  16. That's what I said. It could be the booking or what he's told to say.
    But I still prefer him as a heel.
  17. He said in a recent interview that he basically writes his own stuff, so it won't be that.

    His heel work looked pretty good from what I seen but he's pretty over now and just needs a few minor changes IMO.
  18. I just want Punk to go back to what he was originally in the summer - the guy who was insanely over saying what the fuck he wanted, going against the corporate system. That gimmick got him over, so they do what WWE do best - turn him into superman face who makes corny jokes weekly and shitty cartoon faces.

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  19. Haha yeah, that was epic every single time.
  20. This. You totally stole my character, but I liked the post anyway.

    They tried to reboot the character with the :ace: feud, but he just seemed like a rebel without a cause the entire time. "WE WANT CHANGE!... Uhh.. Want some Ice Cream Bars?" Wish he could have actually had content to his promos.

    Throwing out Kofi Kingston, Face to Heel as well. Give it a shot, that guy's stale as hell.
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