Synamic D- Online Wrestling Card Game

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  1. This is going to be a long shot, but how many people here have heard of With Authority? The game was pretty much an online version of “Raw Deal.” With Authority just made things easier as you were able to open booster packs, buy starters, and make decks which would all be saved online to play against other people in tournaments, etc...

    Long story short, the creators of With Authority had to cease production because THQ stopped supporting the game. However, years later, the game has been remade and is now under the name of SynamicD. Been having a lot of fun playing it in beta, and if anyone is interested in online collectible card games, you should check it out, Its in beta at the moment but they are due to release it on the 12th of May. is the link, Just thought some of you may be interested

    I’ve posted some screenshots below as well for you guys.

    Theres also a video here, and some screenshots using a custom image pack (Like you can with TEW etc)

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    This looks pretty damn good. Problem is, it has too much access questions, I'm afraid of a virus on this one.
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