T-Sizzle Tears Achilles

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  1. http://espn.go.com/chicago/nfl/story/_/id/7885596/terrell-suggs-baltimore-ravens-tears-achilles-tendon-vows-return

    Bad news for the Ravens.

    I love me some Sizzle, one of my favorite defensive players in the league. Sucks, he will likely never be the same again.
  2. Why won't he? Rooney I think tore his and now look at him.
  3. Sizzle is 30 years old. And are you sure? I've never heard of Rooney tearing his achilles.

    It's one injury that from most every time I've seen it guys don't ever recover to the same level they were before it. It's just tough to get the same burst you had before it.
  4. Think it was Beckham, Rooney broke his metatarsal or something.
  5. Becks defo blew out his achilles at one point. He was never someone to rely on pure athleticism really, so it's understandable how he has still been an effective player post-injury.

    In a guy like Suggs' case he relies so much on his acceleration and burst, I can't see him ever being the same player again. Not to say his career is over, but he was the Defensive Player of the Year last season, and with this injury at this age, I can't see him ever being quite the same again.
  6. Did not hear about this until now... Ouch. Very sad for the Ravens.

    They rely a lot on the OLB's for the pass rush, the secondary's quite mediocre. Cody and Ngata aren't pass rushers and the other DE is a revolving door. So now Johnson's gone to SD and now Suggs is out for the year. Upshaw will probably replace one, so lets hope that Kindle can finally get healthy... or Kruger can finally step up... or Pernell McPhee has a breakout year as a DE... or they bring in Dwight Freeney.

    Too many "lets hope's" there for such a key position. Suggs was the team's best player and his loss probably takes the Ravens out of title contention. :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. Upshaw is a monster and was the steal of the draft. He better be ready to contribute right away. Still a while until the season rolls around, but no matter who they find to plug in, losing Johnson & Suggs is a huge blow.
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