T.V Shows Vs. Wrestling

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. So do you guy's like any shows better than Wrestling or is Wrestling your top priority? Bitch!
  2. Football (soccer -.-) goes ahead of WWE. That's it though.

    Shows like "The Big Bang Theory" etc will go ahead other wrestling companies that I watch. Nice thread.
  3. When do I not make a nice thread yo? I'm thinking of my question of the day currently... Bitch!
  4. Wrestling is the only thing I watch like on my television. I watch other shit on Netflix, but I really only use my TV on Monday, Thursday, & Saturday.
  5. Football is a big thing too for me, but I got season tickets for my club, and besides that just CL and EL on the TV.
    TV in Holland only shows This Week In The WWE on mondays..
    So mostly watching wrestling on my laptop.
    Besides that, it's just some comedy stuff.
    Two and a half men, Gary unmarried, BBT, According to Jim, Fresh Prince, etc.
    And some films.

    It's more wrestling for me atm.
  6. Wrestling comes in at about 10th or 11th in my list.
  7. WTH

    GIMME YOUR LIST!:shock:
  8. I know right? Like yo, gimme your list Bitch!
  9. Well this is what i watch on TV in order of the most.

    1. Football (Don't call it soccer or I'll stab you in the eye)
    2. Rugby Union
    3. Scrubs
    4. American Dad
    5. Family Guy
    6. Simpsons
    7. Futurama
    8. Two and a Half men with Charlie Sheen in not keen ot Kutcher but the early shows are on CC quite alot.
    9. South Park
    10. Wrestling ( WWE / TNA )

    I used to watch quite alot online but I don't watch a great deal any more.
  10. Aha, okok nuff said.
    I will never call it soccer.
    Just football or voetbal< as they call it here in Holland! :emoji_wink:

  11. How can I forget #scrubstalk?
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