TABLES MATCH: Tag Title Series Continues Tonight on IMPACT!

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    Team 3D has made it clear: their reunion will not end with a TNA Hall of Fame induction (scheduled to take place at Bound For Glory in October). No, they want something much more than that. They plan to solidify themselves as the best tag team of all-time and they plan to do that by beating two other top teams: The Hardys and The Wolves in the ongoing Tag Team Titles Series.

    Bully and Devon kicked off the series with a bang two weeks ago, picking up a huge win during the series’ first match. Last week on IMPACT, they announced their choice of stipulation for next week’s matchup: you guessed it, a TABLES MATCH! The kings of wood plan to make it a clean sweep tonight, by putting one (or more) of their opponents through a table and becoming World Tag Team Champions for a remarkable 24th time.

    Catching up with the Hall of Famers, Team 3D said the following to “Team 3D is the most decorated tag team of all time and, when we reunited, we decided to prove that we are still the best tag team in the world. This series allows that. You have the top 3 tag teams in professional wrestling and however emerges victors can truly call themselves the best in the business. We already picked up one victory and we have one more to go. What better way to do that than in the match that is synonymous with Team 3D. We’re coming to IMPACT tonight with tables and we’re leaving with the TNA World Tag Team Championships.”

    Don’t miss match #2 in the TNA Tag Titles Series on tonight at 9/8c, on Spike TV!


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