Taco Bell about to launch Breakfast Menu

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. I'm a big fan of breakfast food, not a big fan of Taco Bell other than the creme de la creme known as Baja Blast :emoji_slight_smile:
    Anyway I was driving thru there to pick-up a Baja Blast and noticed the nice little Breakfast promo and was like what the hell?
    After doing a little more research this seems to be the menu they are going to launch with in most areas.
    I will probably give it one shot and that will be a few weeks after launch to let them get the flow down and work out the kinks.


    Feel free to comment on this random ass topic :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. Taco Bell tends to make me feel sick so I won't be getting this.
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  3. I never understood fast food breakfast menu's. It'd sound suitable to eat during lunch.
  4. Breakfast starts March 27th here. Doesn't matter to me since I'm a closer.
  5. :yes: I like McDonalds breakfast and I would gladly eat that at any hour of the day.
  6. OVer here they sell McD's breakfast after midnight
  7. WHAT?! They only do until 10:30am here. WTF Wisconsin, get your shit together.
  8. They do it from midnight to whatever time it stops normally. I sometimes check it out after work
  9. Yeah there are some stores that do that here.

    Actually I found out that the one store by me is opening their menu a little early on Mar 27 like u said Big Boss, it must depend on which stores are corporation owned or franchised
  10. They already have it down here in the South, but eating waffle tacos just seems ridiculous. Anything on here you guys want me to poison-test for you?
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  11. ja bro the breakfast crunchwraps!
  12. Holy cow those look delicious! Bacon and eggs at Taco Bell... :please: There's no way that can suck! Shall try it though, as you have decreed.
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  13. I eat Taco Bell like 1 to 3 times a year. It's good when I have a taste for it but I can easily never eat there.
    As for the breakfast stuff... I don't really eat breakfast or have a defined breakfast food. I eat scrambled eggs and veggies for lunch all the time. I sometimes eat "breakfast food" for dinner too. Really, what I eat isn't categorized in anything. I'll drink tea at midnight, eat eggs at 3pm, I eat pizza for breakfast sometimes. lol
  14. Not sure if I'll enjoy it. Usually go to TB after school and see the breakfast taco ad. Haven't seen these before.
  15. Hardee's or Carl's Jr have the best breakfast.
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  16. In addition to the Crunchwrap, you feel up to taste-testing that bacon and egg taco?
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  17. Starts 3 A.M. in ohio. Right when the bars close
  18. I agree!
  19. Egg, Bean, & Cheese Burrito... awesome! The 3 things that make me shit the most all conveniently wrapped in a tortilla. Next time I'm constipated I know just what to buy!
  20. Cant wait to regret my breakfast by having diarrhea by 2pm, wonderful. Anal leakage, here i come!
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