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  1. Wondering on the tag division now that the Usos are Tag Team Champions, WWE went overboard on tag teams to restart the dead division and I will give them credit where it is due, they have revived it. Teams like the Real Americans and The Rhodes Brothers provided entertaining matches but with no real solid storyline, however the division never really get a storyline.

    But now that we have the Real Americans and Shield splitting, I have a feeling the Tag Team division is about to collapse with some star studded teams breaking up and no new ones on the horizon excluding the Ascension.

    Do you think that the division is going to go belly up?
  2. I feel like WWE has the ability to work with the current tag teams that they do have, albeit some of them are splitting. Off hand, I can remember that Los Matadores and Rybaxel are still a team, and over time, they can build credibility. As for NXT tag teams, I could see the Ascension possibly getting their callup soon, and I could see something with Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore in the future once Enzo finally recovers. That being said, the lack of tag teams is still a problem, but by working with what they have, I think WWE could somewhat make the tag division look good.
  3. Los Matadores developing credibility? I agree with you on Rybaxel but Los Matadores are a joke impression on Los Guerreros, trying to get the Spanish Viewers, as a staple team, they have no use in the tag team circuit except getting teams over. IMO Epico & Primo had far more credibility before being repackaged. I am awaiting Cassidy and Enzo, I am not a fan of Enzo at all, but he does well as a heel and gets my heat very well. Matadores getting credibility, Thanks for the LOL
  4. You're doubting them as a team too much. Although they had much better chances as Primo and Epico, they can still put on a decently entertaining match. At the moment, they don't seem like the most credible team out there, and they aren't, but I'd say just give it some time. They have the in-ring ability, it just all comes down to how they're used.
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  5. If your a booker and you have to push a face team, lets say we have the Wyatt Family win the tag titles from Usos at some point, you can then push a face team, and the team of the Matadores are nothing more to a highly rated team and a highly invested team like the Wyatts than jobber fodder for Harper and Rowan to wreak havoc on. The only time Los Matadores will receive credibility is when they are going against an equally animated tag team,
  6. That's a different story though. The Wyatts are supposed to look like a monster tag team that can destroy anyone that gets in their way. However, even if you want to use that card, the Wyatts lost the tag titles in NXT to Adrian Neville and Corey Graves. They also failed to beat Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey the first time going for the titles. Not every monster tag team needs to be able to destroy an inferior force/gimmick. Albeit the Matadores gimmick is animated and somewhat foolish, saying that it hinders their in-ring skill is false, as they can still put on great matches.
  7. I don't doubt the in-ring skills, but if they were to go over the Wyatts, it hurts the Wyatts more than it benefits them, if it was clean. Los Matadores are a great entertaining team, but I don't believe they hold any importance in stimulating the possibly downfall of the tag division to a new height. I think teams like Rybaxel deserve a push to serve some realism in the division
  8. I see your point, and a team like Rybaxel would make much more sense to beat a team like the Wyatts if anything, as both teams seem fairly matched. The biggest problem with that is that Rybaxel has been booked as a jobber tag team that WWE doesn't take seriously. *SPOILER* They jobbed out to Los Matadores a few hours ago on Main Event for crying out loud. Although I think Rybaxel is a good team, I don't see them being pushed into that kind of momentum. However, if they aren't able to get that push, and Los Matadores aren't credible enough to take it, then the only logical decision would be to have the Ascension be called up and slowly progress for the titles against the Usos. That or have the Wyatts face the Usos first, and then have the Ascension face them. I don't really see the Ascension as a face or heel team, so they could probably fit with any team they would be matched with, just depends on chemistry.
  9. I'm glad you agree on that point
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  10. Let's just have Los Matadores win the Tag Titles at a live event. (I hope someone remembers that Primo & Epic won the titles at a Live Event).

    I honestly love Rybaxel and if they would stop having Ryback losing by roll-ups and bring Curtis Axel back to that "I beat Triple H" credibility, everything would be fixed. They should've kept Ryback as a monster face or the heel he was when he faced Cena. I saw no reason for him to become The Big Guy even though I fucking love the Big Guy gimmick. Hopefully, they can rebuild Ryback & Axel. Drop the name. After 'Mania, I'm pretty sure Lesnar is gonna leave for a while and have Heyman walk up to Ryback & Curtis Axel and be like "What's up guys? I've heard about your... predicament" 1 week later, Heyman is pushing the greatest tag team of all time.
  11. Heyman is a good angle Jwab, He practically can promote horse shit as hair moose. But I'd have him with someone like Miz & Morrison duo, two young guys who can benefit from his wisdom
  12. Axel & Ryback son. It's the only way to ever bring those 2 back from the hole they are in right now. Undertaker can be on the Raw the night after 'Mania after defeating Lesnar. Have Heyman talk to Ryback & Axel at 'Mania btw. Ryback and Axel come out. Undertaker is confused. Axel books it to the ring and attacks Undertaker but Ryback gets to the ring right after Taker knocks Axel down and he'll hit him with a Meathook and pick him up for the Shellshock.

    Kind of like what The SHIELD did last year but not as great.
  13. that is Exactly why it wouldn't work, it has been done to recently, Ryback isn't a tag team competitor in my opinion.

    Anyone else think Justin Gabriel would be a good workhorse/face tag team partner to give the champions some great matches and make them look great?
  14. I think Justin Gabriel's ship sailed away a long time ago unless they bring him back with a feud. His last match on a legit WWE event was Hell In A Cell facing Cesaro.

    That's the thing for me, I don't care if they are apart of a team or not. Just save Ryback & Axel. Ryback, if I remember right, was over as fuck and if you bring him back with that beanie wearing heel gimmick and have Axel be his right hand man. Give him a Tag Title run, be screwed over by Axel. Turn Ryback back into that machine, god dammit!
  15. That's a pipedream, it has happened and I don't believe you can go back to it. He was over but WWE pushed him far too early into the main event scene, he didn't have the drawing power that a main event star needs (Bryan example), so he lost and lost and lost, Ryback needs some tv time to get that, tv time WWE spends on Randy Orton and Batista
  16. Just have Heyman talk to Axel. Axel beats down Ryback and take Ryback off TV for a couple months. Have Axel re-win the IC Title. Ryback comes out as his machine type and just keep him in the midcard til 'Mania. RYBACK vs. LESNAR or LESNAR vs. THE ROCK and have RYBACK vs. THE UNDAHTAKAH
  17. Nice booking but Axel isn't Lesnar, I don't think you get 2 shots with Heyman unless you're Lesnar or Show (and that was for ECW so I don't count it)
  18. Nah, Heyman can do whatever he wants to be honest and if he wants to have Axel be his protege again.. he can. It was a really stupid way that they left Heyman anyway.
  19. The stupid way is why I don't think he can rejoin him, makes no sense. Hear me out, but the only reunion I see is a worked shoot on Heyman's behalf and then bring in mr Axel
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